June 25, 2013

Short is Sweet Part 3: What film festivals focus on short films?

Short is Sweet part 3:  What film festivals focus on short films? 

Kibera Film School trainees discussing their short documentary project
First:  Ask yourself is your film ready to enter a film festival? 
Is it a great story, well told?
Excellent production quality, including sound?

Note that most film festivals will require subtitles in English if that is not the original language of the film.
BE SURE TO spell check the subtitles.
Remember subtitles are NOT an exact translation but should give the idea of what is being said.

Good idea to do TWO versions of your short film - one with subtitles in English, one without subtitles. 

Be sure to prepare a dialog list in English. 

Although most film festivals have a section for short films and usually it is easier to get a short film into a festival than a feature, not all festivals pay careful attention to short films. 

There are a number of international festivals that focus on the short film.

An excellent resource for short film festivals is http://www.shortfilmdepot.com/
Enter your films easily into the major festivals around the world using one single form:
Create your account
Fill out fill forms (cast & crew, contact details, formats, photo...)
Upload your film on line
Enter your films into the festivals where submissions are currently open
Check-out the progress of your submissions (online entry, validation, selection)

Short Film Depot gives you a list of current short film festivals all over the world. 
You have to choose which ones to enter.

Here are some things to consider:
Check the deadline dates carefully.
Choose international film festivals with no entry fee and preferably with an international competition for awards.
Be sure to notice what are the rules for entering the competitions.

Wikipedia has a long long list of film festivals that accept short films.

Good luck!  
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