June 17, 2013


Words of Kevin Kiarie, trainee at Kibera Film School.

We were privileged to have the C.E.O. of Safaricom, Mr. Bob Collymore  visit us on the 7th of June at Hot Sun Foundation.

His coming didn’t come immediately, bearing in mind that he is a very busy man. Josphat Keya, Hot Sun Foundation’s Program Coordinator, followed Bob on twitter.  Then he sent Bob Collymore a tweet requesting him to visit Hot Sun Foundation. Josphat kept following up on twitter.

Josphat's tweets bore fruit as Bob Collymore agreed to come and  share ideas with us. His visit attracted Mr. Ronnie Osumba, also  of Safaricom and Honorable Kenneth Okoth the Kibra Member of Parliament. .

When time came for Bob to give his talk, we were amazed by how direct he is. Bob came from humble beginnings in Guyana, South America. He has worked and lived in many countries including Japan, UK, Germany, South Africa before coming to Kenya.

Bob Collymore is passionate about painting. He says that when you are a painter no one tells you what to paint you just paint. He wanted to be a painter, but his mum was not that keen on his surviving by selling paintings on the street in the UK.

Bob spent his early years doing corporate videos and went into corporate work of purchasing. He worked in many different areas.  Bob didn’t know what he wanted to do until his mid 40’s. That’s when realized that he wanted to transform lives. This is what has made him successful. “ I change lives and the appropriate follows,” he humbly asserts. He wants the power to make a difference in people's lives.

Wasting his time is the biggest crime. Bob  insists on everyone being short and precise. When asked to describe Hot Sun Foundation in one word he confidently said “real”. His reason was that at Hot Sun Foundation we tell our own stories by ourselves and don’t hire people from outside to do videography and photography.

Bob  said that everyone should  be precise in what you want to say, be disciplined.  There are infinite possibilities in life, meaning that one can achieve whatever one really wants to achieve.

Bob is the coolest C.E.O. as he runs a business out of an ambition to transform lives and not just make money. 

Through the tweet that Josphat sent, Mr. Bob Collymore has transformed us. Thank you  Bob.

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