December 20, 2010

Victor's Success Story and a Request

I am Victor Oluoch Mmboga, 23years of age.

I moved to Nairobi  in early 2005, hoping to get money from a relative to go to secondary school but it didn’t work out.  I made my living in the informal economy, buying and selling used clothing.  I am a survivor.  

I came to join Hot Sun Foundation in early 2008 after I heard of KIBERA KID a short film which was very famous in Nairobi by then. I wanted to follow up and meet the filmmakers of KIBERA KID but before I made the move, the director Nathan Collett was on one of the local TV stations where he gave out information about Hot Sun Foundation. I searched Kibera until I found Hot Sun Foundation. Someone gave me a camera, although I had never used one.  I started working on the filming the auditions for the feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME.  

Today I’m a different person from who I was. Hot Sun has transformed me to a visual and creative storyteller. Now I have a future and I believe I’m on the highway to achieve my dream. I joined Kibera Film School in August 2009 and graduated from the filmmaking foundation course in April 2010.

I love Kibera Film School for it has built others and me skillfully. And as the school continues to grow, many more talented youth in Kibera are going to be discovered and transformed to creative storytellers, too.

I’m the director of one of the fastest growing projects of Hot Sun Foundation -KIBERA TV where we collect daily stories of Kibera and upload them on YouTube and  KIBERA TV has brought many youth together to learn about filmmaking using Flip cameras and editing techniques. Many organizations have come forward to use KIBERA TV to highlight the community’s stories and outreach.

I hope these two projects, Kibera Film School and Kibera TV,  grow wide and big because these are the vital tools to bring change in Kibera. One of the rhe main challenges we face is adequate equipment. 

Everyone reading my story can help out but donating at  

Thank you and my best wishes for the holiday season to all.

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December 13, 2010


Boniface, a trainee  making a speech
about Hot Sun Foundation

 On Saturday, five trainees namely; Beatrice Aringa, Boniface Mogaka, Catherine Sikali, Mildred Odongo, Sandra Owaka and Alice Motieri went to Kuruka Maisha event to represent Hot Sun Foundation; the event took place at Go Down. The event was organized by Kuruka Maisha Foundation, which is also funded by Africalia Belgium. Mwelu foundation and Slum TV were also invited for  the event. The foundation mainly trainees young talented youths in things like acrobatics, traditional dance, music and so on. The most talented youths were awarded for their great efforts.

Some of the youths performing a Maasai Dance.

One of the best performer being awarded.

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Children Workshops shoots and screenings

The past week has been a very busy and interesting week for us here at the film school, numerous activities took place in the past few days making the working atmosphere here intense but fun.
The children workshop organised by the film school joined hands with the future film makers workshop to produce a short film, the film was done by the children in the workshop all under the age of 17. The film they shot and edited was later on screened on sunday at Mchanganyiko hall in Kibera for the public. Members of the community gathered to see what young film makers from the community had came up with, it was a fascinating sight, the feedback regarding the film was very positive, and this was certainly an achievement for the young film makers.

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December 4, 2010

A Message from a Hot Sun Foundation Success Story!

A Message from Josphat Keya (24) Projects Coordinator, Hot Sun Foundation 
I joined Hot Sun Foundation through Kibera Film School in the first intake of trainees in August, 2009.  Though I did not have prior knowledge in filmmaking I loved writing short stories and sometimes I’d send them to  local magazines for publication. No story was  ever published. I guess they did not fit what was wanted. My stories were what I saw happening to my fellow colleagues around me.

With the coming of Kibera Film School, I thought this was a perfect opportunity for me to relay my thoughts that I had wanted to do for so long, but did not have a chance. Now it would be even better with the filmmaking skills that I’d gain then my message will be more powerful.
My goal is to become a film director with a distinction of telling stories. Talking of telling stories I mean speaking what is not spoken, what is avoided to be spoken, that which is avoided but is really needed to be heard. For example two of my projects I’ve done were of controversial issues here in my community – one about stepmothers and the other about sexual identity. Something that nobody wants to talk about or fears talking about it. I believe through what I’ve done at least it will elicit dialogue and it won’t be a taboo talking about it anymore.
What Hot Sun Has done for me is immeasurable. It has made me what I am and what I’ll be, of course if I do not waiver I’ll be what I want to be, and all courtesy of Hot Sun. So I would love this to also happen to my fellow youths out there who were denied a chance to be what they want to be by systems set by selfish people in the society or those who don’t have the slightest idea of what the youth really need. Many think that the youth need cash in hand. No,  what we need is nurturing of what we can do best - our talent, our passion, our dreams.

During this holiday season, I ask each and every one of you to reach out to the youth in Kibera who are so eager to have a chance to develop their talents at Kibera Film School and Kibera TV programmes at Hot Sun Foundation.  
     You can help make this possible by
1.    Donating on or at  (Hot Sun Foundation)
2.    Volunteering, especially if you have filmmaking skills. Contact us a for more information.
3.    Buying DVDs on
4.    Joining the blogspot, and
5.    Becoming a fan on facebook : Kibera Film School, Kibera TV, TOGETHERNESS SUPREME feature film
6.    Following us on twitter HotSunFilms
7.    ALL OF THE ABOVE!    THANKS for all you do! 

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December 3, 2010


Trainees preparing for starting  of the event.

Today, trainees namely Aida Achieng, Belinda Adhiambo, Evaline Nyaaga, Kevin Machimbo and Martin Mbithi attended the Gatwitch festivals, which took place at Westgate in Nairobi. The feature film, Togetherness Supreme was also screened at the event. Among them were Ken Wando, Mildred Odongo and Moses Ouma, the Kibera TV reporters. The event, which started yesterday, will end tomorrow at Makini School.

Victor, an Assistant Trainer at Kibera Film School
 giving a speech, on the  feature film, Togetherness Supreme.

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December 2, 2010

Kansas City (USA) Art Institute Graphic Designers working with Kibera TV

 The Kansas City Art Institute Graphic Design department is working with Kibera TV on a new logo and introductory video.  Professor Tyler Galloway  is working with students Bethany Ediger and Loren Cook.   THANKS for your creative energy and support!

 NOW IS THE TIME... of giving... of reaching out...of making a difference for talented young filmmakers in Kibera.....  GIVE TODAY on Global Giving... OR Give a GIFT CARD for someone
who will truly enjoy this unique gift.  THANKS for all you do!
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December 1, 2010

The future filmmakers workshop

The future Filmmakers workshop came to Hot sun foundation to meet young children from children's workshop who have been attending classes in Hot sun foundation to learn film making.
There are four lucky kids aged between 12 years to 15 years who have been selected to attend a workshop taking place in karen that will be running for 10 days starting from today 1st Dec-10th 2010.

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November 30, 2010

A filmmaker from South Africa visits Kibera Film School

   Today we received a visitor, Tracy from South Africa. She wanted to know more about Kibera film School and Hot sun foundation after watching Togetherness Supreme a feature film that was shot and acted in KIBERA, She got interested and so she came along with her friend to pay us a visit, She was so impressed after watching our short films and volunteered to be our production teacher next year.

Kibera Film School Members
pausing for a group photo

Tracy and her sister in class addressing the trainees.

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November 29, 2010


Today we had more visitors visit the film school, as usual they were amazed by the amount of effort students from this years class are putting into their work. They got a chance to visit our school gallery and look at some of the work produced by Kibera Film school students over the past two years.
They visitors later on left to attend to some other business, they were highly welcomed to come visit the school another time, here are some photos we took while they were visiting.

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November 25, 2010


Alice at the nailab editing their video
Clarence, Victor, Wycliffe, Alice & Josphat represented Kibera TV in a workshop on spot a cheetah at the nailab . The workshop was brought together youths from Kibera News Network, KIbera Girls Soccer Academy, Nairobits & Kibera TV from Kibera Film School. The aim of bringing this groups together according to the organisers Jaap and Stef was to provide a platform wher the groups could share what they do and also leran more on the new interactive platform of spot a cheetah.
Before the workshop started the groups did short presentaton of their groups, Kibera TV/Kibera Film School was represented by Josphat, the response of the crowd through questions was overwhelming.

The most interseting part was when all the participants were asked to make a thirty second buzzing video about a cheetah. The exercise involded drafting a short script, shoot it and edit it. Well Victor's group really impressed the organisers by the work it did. The rest of the group wil be submitting their work in the course of the week.

The participants busy working

Tonee, one of the organisers having a last word with the participants.

Josphat sharing Kibera TV stories

Josphat presenting a talk.

Josphat, Victor & Jaap consulting.
Once again Kibera Film School shines.

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November 23, 2010

Spot A Cheetah

Stef, Jaap and Kibera Film School

Stef and Jaap having a word with Josphat
Stef Vermeulen and her colleague Jaap van't Kruis from the spot a cheetah, an interactive platromthat will be showing how cheetah's of Africa-changemakers, innovators - became succesfull. Kibera TV will be taking part in it. More updates will be comimg soon on this.

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Check Out The Making Of Kibera TV Mural

 Stephen Okoth a reporter  of Kibera TV revealed his other side of him-art designer. The following are photos of him drawing the Kibera TV Mural.
Stephen preparing the plywood board.

Sketching out with a ruler and a pencil.

Carefully drawing the curves.

The finished sketched out logo.

The first paint-yellow.

The choice of paints used were acrylic.

The black curve.

Finishing the black curve.

The red curve.

The beautiful curves finished.

The brushes had to be cleaned.

Some beautiful clouds below the curves.

The clouds below the curves/beautiful bows.

A blue colour above the curves.

Now, the name KIbera TV was a bit hard to do. It needed correct measurement.

Stepnhen managed sketching out the name, next was painting it up.

For each story we need a story board, yes even for this. This is the sketch of the mural.

The finished new Kibera Tv Mural

Stephen our reporter and artist.

Here are some of the reporters who bring you the news, with their flip cameras.
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November 16, 2010

Hot Sun Foundation At TEDx Talks

Josphat on stage

"This is how we started..."

"We welcome you to vist us"

Hot Sun Foundation participated in the last TED x talks that were held during the month of August in Nairobi. The talks were held in Mathare, Kibera, Kangemi and Korogocho on different occasions. Represented by Josphat Keya the Program Coordinator Hot Sun Foundation talk focused on empowering and nurturing the rich talented youth in who are found in the most informal settlements of Nairobi. The talks were inspiring seeing how the organization started from a small start to now something that is empowering the youth who had lost hope and the society had denied them a slot to empower themselves.
The trainees form Kibera Film School were also present in all the talks, they were helping covering the event, their counterparts Kibera Tv were not left out either. The coverage was part of building their skills.

Preparation for Togetherness Supreme sign up.

You have discovered that point, which has been ignored for so long, empowering the youth through their talents. That is what we need more in this country, Halima Hanii-The Youth Congress, Korogocho

To spice up the event, at the end of the talks, the audience was taken to the world of film as Togetherness Supreme was screened for them.

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It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.