November 23, 2010

Check Out The Making Of Kibera TV Mural

 Stephen Okoth a reporter  of Kibera TV revealed his other side of him-art designer. The following are photos of him drawing the Kibera TV Mural.
Stephen preparing the plywood board.

Sketching out with a ruler and a pencil.

Carefully drawing the curves.

The finished sketched out logo.

The first paint-yellow.

The choice of paints used were acrylic.

The black curve.

Finishing the black curve.

The red curve.

The beautiful curves finished.

The brushes had to be cleaned.

Some beautiful clouds below the curves.

The clouds below the curves/beautiful bows.

A blue colour above the curves.

Now, the name KIbera TV was a bit hard to do. It needed correct measurement.

Stepnhen managed sketching out the name, next was painting it up.

For each story we need a story board, yes even for this. This is the sketch of the mural.

The finished new Kibera Tv Mural

Stephen our reporter and artist.

Here are some of the reporters who bring you the news, with their flip cameras.
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