March 15, 2013

"Finally I join The house of Creatives", Maria Wambui Kaggai.

Story by Wambui Kaggai.
It was a cold chilly Wednesday morning when I joined kibera film school as a student. Just before pushing the gate I remembered when I came for the graduation ceremony a few months ago, and how I envied the grandaunts in their gowns, each of their faces beaming with pride, joy and a certain determination smile ready for the world. And now my time has come.
With a long sigh I pushed the gate and went to the reception area where I met Aida the main coordinator of K.F.S.  Aida is a strong warm hearted woman who is always ready to assist anyhow, with no time to waste she led me to my class introduced me and as she left she pated my back perhaps it was her way of saying good luck.
In class I got acquainted with the other students, there are seven students and each of them has a passion for the film industry, highly positive charged people who make studying a simple and fun yet constantly motivating one another.

On this morning we were being taught how to use different equipment by our videography trainer, who took time in explaining and showing how to correctly mount a camera onto a tripod, how to connect mac minis. Each time one of us does something wrong during the practical trainer will ask us to re-do the procedure again till each one of us got it right. 
Equipment orientation!
 That afternoon started off the “Social Wednesdays” by Mrs. Pamela Collett who is a founder and a trustee of the K.F.S. Pamela teaches us on the importance of social networking and the benefits of networking if done correctly.
My script writer teacher Miss Flo is a soft-spoken woman who loves writing. Her style of teaching is modern and makes the lessons interesting by explaining to us using examples of the latest films. She encourages us to not just watch a film but take a keen interest on how each sequence relates to one another, and there importance in making it a successful film.
The Hot Sun Foundation where Kibera Film School is located also has Kibera TV an online TV station. I get to interact with the staffs that always have wise words to pass on. K.F.S has taught me how to stay focused, rubbing off the attitude of a well rounded person who is destined to be a winner. Each day in K.F.S I get to learn something new and practical lessons which would be hard for me to forget.
Maria Wambui the writer with fellow trainee Matu at the reception

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March 13, 2013

Sema Session with Tazim

All smiley

Sema is the Swahili word for talk,and talking to Tazim Elkington is an experience to be treasured.

I remember the first time I met Tazim, when I was a trainee at Kibera Film School, I thought she was amazing. After the talk with her I went online and googled her and was amazed at how much content there was on her, websites describing her in many bold highlighted and sometimes even flowery words.

She has an amazing way of helping you realise yourself,your potential,face your fears,rise above the expectations that we and the people around us have for us.She is AMAZING!!!So any opportunity the Hot Sun Foundation has,we invite her to come mentor,counsel and unite.

On the 26th of March Tazim was gracious enough to visit us again and with her, she brought a friend Zawadi Nyong'o and daughter Natasha Elkington whom we enjoyed meeting and were a great addition to the Friends of Kibera Film School.

The talk was based on the self-improvement of the trainees and not just on a personal level but also on a professional level.The trainees have just cleared their classes and are headed out for internships and for some it was unclear where to start or how to start. Tazim took us through the following sub-topics that helped us all learn how to begin a new chapter in our life books with the help of the foundations we have built already.

  •  Making best of what you have
  •  Self  kick-off
  •  Facing outside world after school
  • Entrepreneurship

True to her nature,Tazim made sure it was an interactive session with everyone opening up and giving input. During the talk,it is evident to see how different personalities are from how different we all see situations, how different our plans are, and how differently we are shaping our futures.

After our guests left the we all had these to say had the following to say about what they thought of what the discussion had exposed them to:

Josephat Keya: When I feel something I should express it and not deny it, because we are all on this planet to feel and understand.

Godfrey Chogo: Be outspoken and come out of my “shell”.

Martin Mwangi:  Money is not the key to happiness.

Ali Yunus: I should not be afraid to fail. I'll never know if I never tried.

Ken Kibuthania:  I should focus on myself and not what people think of me. My identity is dependent on what I think of myself.

Michael Mwangi: Learning how to be myself and staying strong, confident and learning how to still say no when I need to.

Grishon Onyango: You cannot expect someone to change you. Change should come from within.

Audrey Shihafu:  I learnt that every person should appreciate themselves and make the best of what he or she has. You have your own authority.

Shirley Akinyi:  You need to correct someone if they wrong you no matter their status in society.

Job Mureithi: Communication is key for one to know how you feel and tell what you want.  There are many shifts in life but stay firm and constant.

Isaac Bade : As long as  one pursues a  goal in life  implementing  the  different  ideas  and aspiration is much instrumental  in achieving  the desired result.

Anne Mwaniki: Our life is like a "dash board" we should be careful of what buttons we set to people to push.

Noreen Kombo: You have to let go of people who don’t add value to your life. I had been challenged by Tazim in her last visit. Here I am saying, yes it works.

Kibera TV and Kibera Film School members with Tazim Elkington

What a session! Looking forward to another visit from Tazim

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