February 27, 2014

Kisumu Film Workshop.

Hot Sun Foundation and Ignite Afrika Trust,  jointly held a film workshop in #Kisumu held 20-24 Feb 2014. Over 23 participants attended the 5 day workshop led by a team of creatives from Hot Sun Foundation, the participants learnt script writing, videography and production. Kisumu has always been the hub of stage theatre. This was the first film workshop of its  kind, and the creative youth of Kisumu really enjoyed.

Participant making a presentation

So this is how you hold a camera!

A participant practices some camera moves

Hot Sun Foundation team member showing participants how to use a camera!

Tired limbs

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February 20, 2014

Never Give Up

My name is Michael Kuria.   I am a trainee at Kibera Film School. I study film and I am focusing on editing.

The very first  film  I have ever made is called  INVISIBLE  SCARS. I wrote and directed the film.  Then I edited it for almost two weeks. The reason why I edited for so long was because my film is in black and white,  so I had to color correct. 

After I finished  editing my film on Final Cut Pro,  I exported it in the wrong ratio.  When you export in the wrong ratio, all the characters in the film look short and fat.

One morning, - it was on a Thursday -  I was going to film school when I was attacked by thugs. They took my phone,  my money and my hard drive.  My film was on the hard drive.  I had no other back up. 

I was so devastated  that I almost gave up.  I went home and stayed from Friday to Saturday thinking  about what to do. My mother encouraged me. She gave me money to return to film school.

On Sunday I went back to  the Kibera Film School to reedit  my  whole film.  Luckily the school still had the unedited version.   I spent the whole night editing. Surprisingly I finished it in one night.

When my film INVISIBLE SCARS was evaluated on Monday morning, all the staff said the film was outstanding and told a powerful story. I was surprised at that evaluation.  There were no major mistakes in my film. 

I am so glad that I didn't give up.

Mike Kuria with fellow trainees in a practical lesson

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February 14, 2014

What It Takes To Be A Filmmaker!-Foundation In Filmmaking


The Foundation in Filmmaking course developed out of years of filmmaking in East African communities. Our approach is unique among training institutes in Kenya. From the first week, trainees learn through hands-on projects all aspects of filmmaking, from scriptwriting, storyboarding, production, directing, camera, sound, editing, marketing, distribution, film festivals, entrepreneurship, and social networking. 
Over 60% of our graduates are working in the Kenyan media industry. In a series of outdoor community screenings, we have shown our films to more than 30,000 people. 

Working with the Spanish Embassy in Nairobi, we are co- founders of the annual Slum Film Festival. At the 2011 Filamu International Student Film festival, Kenyatta University, Hot Sun Film School won all the major awards (11 in all).
Kibera Film School Trainees in a scriptwriting class

Evaluation is based on competency. Each trainee is evaluated on her/his skill on each type of equipment and software before proceeding to the next level. Industry professionals work as instructors assisted by past graduates of the Foundation in Filmmaking course.

Tuition and Fees are the least expensive for comprehensive filmmaking training in Kenya and represent one third of the actual cost of the training of the five months intensive full-time training. 

Registration (upon acceptance): Kshs 6,000/-. Monthly:Kshs 11,000/- Fees can be paid in installments.
Deadline: Next Application: April 2014.  Full time for four months. 

Applications available at accounts@hotsunfoundation.org

Foundation in Filmmaking: TOPICS
Introduction and Orientation 
Introduction to Visual Storytelling 
Social Networking: facebook, twitter, blogs, vimeo, youtube, other tools 
Photoshop: manipulate photos, basic design elements 
Storytelling: Story development, Research, Script writing 
Pre-Production: Planning and preparation 
Directing: Treatment and storyboard, how to direct actors 
Production: Production management, planning resources necessary to make film 
Cinematography: Stills, Flip cameras, DV camera & semipro camera 
Post-production: Data capture and management, Offline editing on Final Cut Pro 
Sound: Recording sound on shoot, music and sound design in post production 
Weekly film screenings with discussion and critique 
Life Skills and Entrepreneurship: film festivals, audience, marketing, distribution

 Trainees review their promotional script

Foundation in Filmmaking PROJECTS The video projects for the twenty weeks Foundation in Filmmaking course are:
Project One: 2 minute, individual. Genre: personal experience, drama (My World), drama
Project Two: 2 minute team Genre: Documentary. Story on art, sports, young entrepreneurs.

Trainees on set with Spanish Filmmaker during past visit

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Hot Sun Foundation's Vision is social transformation through media and art.
Our Mission is to identify and develop youth talent to tell their stories on film.
Community participation is fundamental to our programmes and training.

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page
It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.