March 19, 2012

Elie Choraqui Shares Insight on O Jerusalem.

Guess who came!
The Director of O Jerusalem!

On 17th march we were honored by the presence of French film director  Elie Chouraqui of O Jerusalem.

Yes! he came to the best film school in Kenya, Kibera Film School students had a chance to ask questions about the movie. And a lot more in filmmaking.


Students and assistant trainers watching O Jerusalem!  
"i like the part where the lady is dying and this guy asks her to marry him" 

"..shooting in Israel was impossible, we settled for Morocco but the authorities said no...we ended up shooting In Rhodes, Greece..." says Elie Chouraqui.

Group photo, Elie Chouraqui. Nathan Collett director of togethernesssupreme and managing trustee with trainees and assistant trainers.

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March 13, 2012

Following a Dream: Matthew's Story

Did you ever dream of becoming a filmmaker?

What if you had this dream from childhood, but grew up in Kibera, one of East Africa's largest slums?
Matthew Kigen, age 24, who grew up in Kibera, held on to his dream of becoming a filmmaker. 
Matthew faced many challenges.  His mother wanted him to become an accountant and get a good-paying job.  His heart was not in it. 

When the company he was working for collapsed, Matthew welcomed the defeat as a blessing in disguise.  He went back to his original dream - to learn how to tell his stories on film.

Matthew came to Hot Sun Foundation and worked diligently as a volunteer for several months, without telling anyone about his dream to become a filmmaker.  

With quiet determination, Matthew passed the rigorous admissions process to Kibera Film School.  Classes begin 12 March for the five-month Foundation in Filmmaking course.
Matthew's message to Hot Sun Foundation supporters:

Here in Nairobi, when you tell someone you are from Kibera, there is prejudice. We want a chance to prove what we can do. With your support, we will succeed.
Matthew pays only $24 per month for filmmaking training that costs $400 per month per trainee. 

To continue to offer the Foundation in Filmmaking five-month course to talented East African youth like Matthew, Hot Sun Foundation needs your support.
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March 12, 2012

"I Have A Talent To Expose" Rebecca Musanga

Good people the new students are in class. 
The next generation of young filmmakers are in the kitchen. (Kibera Film School)

I met enthusiastic Rebecca Musanga...and she is.. "wow"

Why did you choose Kibera film school?
Because it has the best equipment and experienced people. it also gives one an opportunity to tell his /her own stories.

Do you believe you are unique in your own way as a student?
I believe i have something different from any other person and i have a talent to expose it.

"The desire to impact the society positively by sharing their stories through film" says Rebecca Musanga.

Why film and what do you intend to achieve?
film involves a lot of creativity and its unique. At the end of the day i want to achieve success by telling the African story as it's  through education and talent

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March 7, 2012

I Used To Narrate Non-Existent Films; Kibet.

Of all the film schools why do you want to join KFS?
After a survey I found that KFS is a school that had more practical lessons compared to the rest.

What drives you?
Entertainment. I believe that life is too serious and I would like to bring moments of ease through film.

Pensive will i make the cut!  Mathew Kibet seems to be wondering.
How was the interview?
Was wonderful and I got to meet serah mwihaki whom am told is the best script teacher in the country.

What’s the memorable thing you remember from the interview?
The judges laughed when I told them that when I was a child I used to narrate stories that didn't exist.

What’s your perception of fellow applicants?
I got to interact with Audrey and Adan who seemed to really have the passion for film especially Audrey she 

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March 5, 2012

Finalists Tackles Scenarios. Dickson Oyugi

An applicant reads the rules of scenarios, Kibera Film School admission. 

They were tested on creativity and teamwork. 

Lord oh mercy help me pass! Dickson Oyugi a finalist seems to be saying.

"it was interesting and challenging, my first time to think outside what am used to" Dickson Oyugi

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March 2, 2012

Dynamic And Loud! Aida.

Ever come across her?

If you pop into Hot Sun Foundation offices you will find her at the reception.
Bye the way she is loud. Perfect for film…hahaha…

Call her what you may!
She is dynamic, ambitious, disciplined, and motherly!

A mother of an 8year old son, she is an upcoming filmmaker. 
She is good with the camera; guess what she is an accomplished beautician useful as make up person!

The first time I saw her I thought of a kasuku, chatty and likes jokes, oh my!

She loves film and an aspiring film producer.

Aida Achieng at Sound booth ... recording an English narration for scenarios from Africa, short film

"The Web"

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It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.