March 7, 2012

I Used To Narrate Non-Existent Films; Kibet.

Of all the film schools why do you want to join KFS?
After a survey I found that KFS is a school that had more practical lessons compared to the rest.

What drives you?
Entertainment. I believe that life is too serious and I would like to bring moments of ease through film.

Pensive will i make the cut!  Mathew Kibet seems to be wondering.
How was the interview?
Was wonderful and I got to meet serah mwihaki whom am told is the best script teacher in the country.

What’s the memorable thing you remember from the interview?
The judges laughed when I told them that when I was a child I used to narrate stories that didn't exist.

What’s your perception of fellow applicants?
I got to interact with Audrey and Adan who seemed to really have the passion for film especially Audrey she 

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