December 20, 2011

Bad Luck to Good: Ronald Omondi's Story

My name is Ronald Omondi.  I am 23 years old.  I live in Kibera. Things were going good for me.  I had a sponsored job that allowed me to also go to school.  Then something went wrong with the sponsorship program and I was out on the street again.  Selling CDs. In the slum, you can find yourself falling into drugs and hanging out with the idle youth. 
A friend told me about the Slum Film Festival at Hot Sun Foundation.  I attended a workshop, applied to Kibera Film School and here I am. 
Since I joined Hot Sun Foundation, it's like a home to me.  I am gaining more talents. The staff is treating us well. We learn in a relaxed and open way. 
I really appreciate what supporters are doing for us. You are good Samaritans helping slum youth who don't have the opportunity to gain knowledge in filmmaking. 
I appreciate that you are helping youth who live far away from you.
You can support us at
Buy our short films at
Happy Holidays  and many thanks to all.

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December 16, 2011


 All the teams line up for a photo shoot before they begin the race at HOTSUN FOUNDATION OFFICES at olympic kibera.
FEDERICO OLIVERI[center] and his team mates[left] REECE McMILAN and[right] FRANCIS OKWEMBA on the run during the race in olympic kibera.

Some of the leading contestant at one of the stopping stations, they were being issued with envelopes that had a letter which indicated the next stopping station within kibera[only after weaving three coloured ribbons successfully into a rope].


One of the red ribbons that was used to indicate directions during the race,they were being placed at specific and strategic places so that the contestants could use them for navigation around kibera.

NATHAN COLLET updating his facebook status from his ipad about the amazing race during the event.

The finalist receive an award at kamkunji grounds in kibera.

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Kibera Film School class of 2011 graduands, jovially getting dressed for the graduation ceremony that was held on 3rd December 2011.

Guests at the Kamukunji grounds Kibera from left to right Charlotte the programme cordinator AFRICALIA, wife of Belgium ambassador, Burt Ouvry the Belgium ambassador to Kenya,  Federico Olivieri cultural attache Spanish embassy.

 Celebrating excellence graduands Wycliffe Mboya, Naftali Wambogo, Alice Motieri, Jillyvianne Matende, Mildred Odongo and Grishon Onyango partly hidden, on the dais at the Kamukunji grounds Kibera.

 Jubilant graduands from right to left Stephen Okoth, Moses Ouma and Wycliffe Mboya at Hot Sun Foundation grounds.

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December 9, 2011

Luck and Success: Michael Robert's Story

My name is Michael Robert Munyore. I am 21 years old
My father passed away when I was eight years old.  My dad's relatives raised me. My mother is somewhere in Western Kenya. I am lucky.  I'm on my own but my cousin in Kibera helped me finish high school.
When I look to my future, I see success. I don't do drugs. So many friends  wasted their lives with drugs, petty crime. I want to go somewhere with my life.  That's why I don't look back and worry about the past.
I always had a passion for filmmaking. I came across the Hot Sun Foundation sign in Kibera and wanted to know what was behind it.  I joined Kibera TV as a volunteer.  I then applied and joined Kibera Film School.  Remember I said I am lucky and focused on my future.
My life in Hot Sun has improved me in so many ways. I have made good contacts with filmmakers in the school and good friends. When I need support I know whom to go to. I have grown education wise. I am building my character and my career at the same time. So far so good.
What is my message to Hot Sun Foundation supporters?
I would tell them they should not give up.  They are investing in success. What they give today will be given back to them tomorrow. 
In this holiday season, be creative in your gift giving and make a difference. 
• Give a gift to Hot Sun Foundation  at have a gift card sent to your friend or family member. 
• Purchase gift DVDs from Kibera at All proceeds go to Hot Sun Foundation.
Many thanks for all you do. 
Michael Robert

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December 8, 2011

Family Support: Quenter's Story

My name is Quenter Okumu.  I am 24.
I live in Kibera with my two children:  Mario 4 1/2 and Kyla 2 1/2. My mom has a tailoring shop in Kibera.  She takes care of my children while I study full time at Kibera Film School . My mother gives me her full support to learn filmmaking.  She drives me, telling me you have to do it.
What do you like about Kibera Film School? 
The way we treat each other. No one laughs at you or asks how come you don't know this. He or she shows you how to do something.  At Kibera Film School, it is mostly men
Why are there not more women in Kibera Film School?
What can I say?  Most women lack someone to motivate them - to push them .  When your family is not supporting you, they tell you that you can't do this - you have to look for a job - you have to take care of the family. Women are not encouraged to go to school or get technical training like filmmaking.    
My Message to Global Giving supporters?
Congratulations for what you are doing.  Don't lose hope or lose heart. Keep helping youth from Kibera, those that want to go farther.
Please spread the word about Hot Sun Foundation ( on facebook, twitter, emails.
Thank you SOO SOO SOO much.  Without your support,  I and the others couldn't be here at Kibera Film School.

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December 1, 2011

Passionate Appeal: Alice's Story

My name is Alice Motieri.  I am 24 years old.  I live in Kibera.
My challenges began at 15, when I lost my mom.  She died after a sudden illness.  Fifteen months later my father died. I managed to finish secondary school with funds from my mother's estate.
Then my life became confused.  I moved to Kibera to live with my sister.  While watching TV,  I saw a story about the Kenyan feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME and the awards it won.  I decided to search for Hot Sun Foundation.
I found Hot Sun Foundation and became a volunteer at Kibera TV.  Then I attended Kibera Film School.  Some men think women cannot do technical work.  I know I can.  Without a doubt, filmmaking is the career for me.

To all Hot Sun Foundation friends and supporters, I so much appreciate your efforts to bring us all along. I have acquired so much through your help.
Please continue with the same generous spirit. We have more and more projects to do,  and more of our youths without funds  are applying for Kibera Film School.
If you are in Nairobi, come to AMAZING RACE Kibera Sat. 3 Dec 10 am for a great scavenger hunt with prizes!  I am the coordinator!
If you are not in Nairobi, support us on
Asante sana.  Thank you for your support.
PS  Please check out on  my short  film Passionate Appeal (2 min 17 seconds).  I am in a three-way tie for first place

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It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.