December 16, 2011


 All the teams line up for a photo shoot before they begin the race at HOTSUN FOUNDATION OFFICES at olympic kibera.
FEDERICO OLIVERI[center] and his team mates[left] REECE McMILAN and[right] FRANCIS OKWEMBA on the run during the race in olympic kibera.

Some of the leading contestant at one of the stopping stations, they were being issued with envelopes that had a letter which indicated the next stopping station within kibera[only after weaving three coloured ribbons successfully into a rope].


One of the red ribbons that was used to indicate directions during the race,they were being placed at specific and strategic places so that the contestants could use them for navigation around kibera.

NATHAN COLLET updating his facebook status from his ipad about the amazing race during the event.

The finalist receive an award at kamkunji grounds in kibera.

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