October 28, 2012

Work and play at Kibera Film School

When you come to Kibera Film School it’s not all work and no play. We have fun when inspiring people like Tazim Elkington or seasoned media personalities like Mr. Richard Crompton drop by.
Former Kibera Film School trainees working in the industry also encourage us when things get tough.

No two weeks are ever the same at Kibera Film School.

Tazim Elkington the 'paradigm shifter'


Richard Crompton at Kibera Film School

Volunteers,well wishers and donors always surprise us with equipment and offer free advice on film making.Some do not want to be recognized for their efforts as they do it out of love and not for recognition.In addition to our studies,we also attend random functions happening around Nairobi in relation to our training.

This month we attended the screening of PUMZI an award winning short film, written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wanuri_Kahiu

The event was hosted at PAWA254 a unique hub that houses, fosters and catalyzes creative and community-driven projects for social change across Kenya. http://www.pawa254.org

Kibera Film School trainees at PAWA254

Wanuri Kahiu

We thank each and every person or organization that is shaping our career in terms of contributions, trainings or equipment. We cannot thank everyone personally but your contributions in our lives will not go to waste.

Asante Sana (Thank you very much)

Photos courtesy of PAWA254 and Kibera Film School trainees.

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October 24, 2012

Film trainees bite the dust

 It was a few minutes before lunch as we received a message from our Trainer about a news story unfolding in Kibera.We had never been on the field since we joined Kibera Film School.This was our chance to impress our Trainer.

We packed our equipments and hurried out of Kibera film school through the sewers in the ghetto,up and down the slopes  for an hour before we reached the 'News' hot spot.The trainer's phone rang.....

It turned out we had been set up by our school coordinator and trainer.There was no breaking News! As part of our evaluation,we were supposed to find a story along the ongoing construction of the southern bypass which cuts through Kibera slums connecting other parts of the city.
It was a tough day with temperatures above 28 C,no lunch and no resting.After 5 hours we had a story out of Zero.

Kibera Film School makes you think outside the box and out of your comfort zone.We learn that the hard but fun way.

A street urchin at work

Godfrey and Michael

Shirley at work

Business premises

Local signboards

It's a wrap

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Behind the scenes at Kibera Film School (part 3)

We are grateful to Kibera Film School former trainees who were our mentors. They walked with us through the 6 short films.

Behind the scenes 

(Have a dream,it will come true) Talent on set

Improvising a reflector on set

Former trainees helping out

Videography trainer Joash testing the wheels

 We are now working on our post production and looking forward to the finished products.Thank you everyone for your support and feedback.

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October 23, 2012

Behind the scenes at Kibera Film School (Part 2)

Hallo everyone,we hope you have been following our progress on Facebook and Twitter.Here are some more photos from our recent short film projects.We hope you enjoy them as we enjoyed shooting our short films in Kibera.

Godfrey Chogo -Trainee

Michael getting ready for the auditions

Talent ready for auditions

Shirley covering behind the scenes

School Coordinator sharing on social media

Talent signing the contract     

 More photos from our project (part 3) have been uploaded on this blog.Thank you for your support.

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October 19, 2012

Behind the scenes at Kibera Film School (part 1)

The 2012 Kibera Film School trainees have been busy on set this week.Here are some of the photos behind the scenes during our shoot.
We had to think on the spot to get creative shots.It has been a fun and learning experience at Kibera Film School.

Our improvised Dolly on set
Children enjoying the acting

Trainees on set
Wheelbarrow moment

Our Trainer Joash

Muddy waters of Kibera

More photos will be uploaded soon.
Thank you everyone for your support!

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October 16, 2012

Global Giving Bonus Day October 17th 2012

Today has been an exhausting day.We had auditions yesterday followed up by intensive rehearsals at Kibera Film School.
Scout location in the slums was not an easy task.We climbed up and down the trenches,down the railway line at Kibera trying to find the perfect spot for our project.

My classmates were tired.The sun was not any different today as we walked through piles of garbage and flowing sewage through the muddy roads and a maze of houses we finally called it a day.Locations locked.
 All I could think of today was an early night after a dinner of Githeri (mixed maize and beans) and I remembered tomorrow is a special day.I had to tell the world about it on behalf of my classmates.

Kibera Film School is  the only comprehensive, hands-on film-making training available to youth in Kenya from families with limited economic resources that prepares youth from slum communities to share their stories on video to their communities and the world.Please let us all help where we can.

2012 Film trainees


Wednesday 17 October is Bonus Day.  Global Giving will match your contribution by 30%.
Join the Giving Cycle.

Thank you.

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October 11, 2012

Evaluation at Kibera Film School

Kibera Film School trainees had their first skills evaluation after 6 weeks of intensive training. They are still on probation and the trainers always have random question and answer sessions to prepare them for their final evaluation.

After 7 modules the trainees were evaluated on handling of equipment, camera angles, techniques etc. Here are some of the views of the trainees during the evaluation.

Shirley (19) 
I love cameras! I had this mentality that only boys could be good in photography but I have been taught well and using different types of cameras is much more fun than I thought.

Shirley at Kibera Film School

 Martin (22)
For me it was an eye opening experience.I had studied photography before but I am now learning even more.

Martin checking camera settings

Godfrey (24)
Hands on experience, teamwork and a perfect learning environment has pushed me a step further in realizing my dream to be a filmmaker. I am still learning and looking forward to shooting my project.

Godfrey at work

Michael (19)
I am excited to learn about the various equipments on set. I am fascinated by the tripod and how it aids the camera in getting steady shots. The Sony Camera is a bit challenging but I am sure with time it will no longer be a problem.


Noreen (31)
The technical terms and angles involved on set were overwhelming. I am grateful to the trainers and trainees who, through teamwork helped me in learning the technical side of photography.


Isaac (35)
Learning new skills and technical terms was an awesome experience. I enjoyed the practical skills and teamwork.

Isaac on set

The trainees have covered 7 modules preparing them for their first short film production taking place this month.

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October 8, 2012

My World!

What is “My World”?

The 5th week and the scripts are ready to be shot!
Can you believe it?
That is the kind of hands-on training you get when you join Kibera Film School.

After writing our scripts, brainstorming and getting feedback, we had to re write some of them 3 or 4 times until we had the perfect story.

We are in the pre-production stage of our first project “My World” which basically is a 2-minute film project on how the film trainees see the world from their own point of view.
The film trainees learnt about budget, schedule, casting, rehearsals, props wardrobe and make up.

Film  trainee Working on her Budget. 

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October 3, 2012

Kibera Film School hosts “The Indian Black Butterfly”

Everybody was excited about today’s speaker. I didn’t know what the fuss was all about until a vibrant young lady entered the room and there was pin drop silence. The atmosphere changed as she started off the meeting. I could see from their eyes everyone was calculating on the right answers incase our guest asked any questions. Some listened keenly and others were nervous avoiding eye contact, playing around with their pens and papers.
We discussed “RESPONSIBILITY” and learnt a lot including:
·      Do what you say and say what you do
·      Start with the small things and you will progress to the bigger things
·      Gossip is toxic-avoid it
·      Think through a decision and weigh it before acting through
·      Finish what you started!
·      Deal with the consequences of your actions, no excuses!

The Indian Black Butterfly

Tazim Elkington at Kibera Film School

She devoted her precious time to talk to us and I must say some students changed their perspectives about things they had taken for granted. Some went out with a note on self-reflection and sadly for others  it was just another day at Kibera Film School.
Tazim Elkington is The Indian Black Butterfly. She is a natural and trained public speaker whose words make people understand their power and gifts in life. More about Tazim on www.tazim.net or tazim.elkington@hotmail.com

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 In a class of six at Kibera Film School, we all listened as the teacher introduced the topic of script writing. It was a great experience because the teacher was interacting with us.                                                           

The best thing about script writing is the fact that you can relate your real life experiences with your story.
Godfrey, one of the learning students had an eye opening experience because he came up with so many ideas for his script that he had a difficult time making up his mind.

Godfrey script student

Formatting the script was a bit of a challenge for me because I had a problem getting action in a script but with the help of my classmates and the teacher I later understood.
 After working hard on our scripts, we were all happy and took the above photo as a class. We are now looking forward for the shooting 

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October 2, 2012


Photography is a core subject in the film course.It entails  taking photos by  use of cameras. Photos are   transferred to the  computers and then  to our personal  hard-drives, Grishon Onyango  the trainer has  seven trainees in his  class.

Photography class

Student photo

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October 1, 2012


After advertising on different media, applications sent in, picking the best and the various interview the new class of September 2012 in filmmaking started class on 11th September.
            Seven applicants were enrolled who are determined, self-driven and passionate about filmmaking. They started with script writing lesson in the 1st week. Currently they just concluded on their photography class, its just not only fun but entertaining.

Class of September 2012

They all want to play different roles in the industry but the common goal between them is that they want to change our film industry and raise the standards to better and greater heights professionally.

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Kibera Film School Twitter Page.

At KIBERA FILM SCHOOL we felt it’s a good idea to use social networking as a subject to educate and give the students skills on communicating with different people who can help them gain skills, jobs and contacts to further themselves but also for fun.

 Social Media Class.
 Students are to be taught how to Facebook, Tweet and even Blog and use these sites for more than just fun and keeping in touch with friends and relatives.

Michael Mwangi(Student) Twitter Handle.

"Before the class I thought the internet was only for the rich but I quickly learnt its for everyone and even can use it" by Michael Mwangi.
Isaac's had this opinion " I thought the internet was a waist of time but after the class i learnt that it is a great tool to connect the world and make us one community no what where we are in the Planet.

One student said that some of the social media plat forms were had to use and should be made simpler but over all she loved it. As for the rest of we had a almost the same opinion that we love how social media has brought us all together and made us one community.

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Good Hands at Kibera Film School

Kibera Film School is always hosting visitors from all over the Globe. They come bearing gifts of knowledge, equipment, donations and love or they just pass by to say hello. In September, some representatives of a South Korean Non-Governmental Organization called “Good Hands" paid Kibera Film School a courtesy call and they came bearing gifts!
These were environmental friendly bags that some of the trainees were handed out as they carried out their daily activities with our visitors in Kibera.

At the reception

They were in town for some research as they were interested in investing in various projects involving Kenyan slums in the near future.
Despite the language barrier, their Team leader acted as our translator as he was fluent in Swahili and English. The current trainees took time to learn about the Korean culture and way of life as the Koreans learnt about “chapatis “and the Kenyan culture.


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Team Barcelona meets with Team Kibera Film School

September was a very busy month at Kibera Film School. One of the highlights was a visit by a renowned Spanish Film maker-Mireia Fort who is an experienced Cinematographer working with locals and immigrants in Africa and Spain. She brought with her a lot of knowledge which she freely shared with the film trainees despite her tight schedule in Kenya.

Mireia during the training

We had our first shoot as Film trainees and everybody was amazed with what we came up with considering we were only a few days old at Kibera Film School. The training experience was worth a thousand words.
Trainees during the shoot
We learnt about different types of documentaries and even shot a 10 minute documentary-movie around Kibera putting into practice what she taught us.

Yes we did it!
Kibera Film School is all about hands on experience and builds a trainee to be all rounded in and out of the classroom. The new trainees did not have to wait for months to get the feel of the industry. At Kibera Film School everybody is an equal team player on an off the school campus and we enjoyed every bit of what was on offer.

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It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.