October 3, 2012

Kibera Film School hosts “The Indian Black Butterfly”

Everybody was excited about today’s speaker. I didn’t know what the fuss was all about until a vibrant young lady entered the room and there was pin drop silence. The atmosphere changed as she started off the meeting. I could see from their eyes everyone was calculating on the right answers incase our guest asked any questions. Some listened keenly and others were nervous avoiding eye contact, playing around with their pens and papers.
We discussed “RESPONSIBILITY” and learnt a lot including:
·      Do what you say and say what you do
·      Start with the small things and you will progress to the bigger things
·      Gossip is toxic-avoid it
·      Think through a decision and weigh it before acting through
·      Finish what you started!
·      Deal with the consequences of your actions, no excuses!

The Indian Black Butterfly

Tazim Elkington at Kibera Film School

She devoted her precious time to talk to us and I must say some students changed their perspectives about things they had taken for granted. Some went out with a note on self-reflection and sadly for others  it was just another day at Kibera Film School.
Tazim Elkington is The Indian Black Butterfly. She is a natural and trained public speaker whose words make people understand their power and gifts in life. More about Tazim on www.tazim.net or tazim.elkington@hotmail.com

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