October 1, 2012


Kibera Film School Twitter Page.

At KIBERA FILM SCHOOL we felt it’s a good idea to use social networking as a subject to educate and give the students skills on communicating with different people who can help them gain skills, jobs and contacts to further themselves but also for fun.

 Social Media Class.
 Students are to be taught how to Facebook, Tweet and even Blog and use these sites for more than just fun and keeping in touch with friends and relatives.

Michael Mwangi(Student) Twitter Handle.

"Before the class I thought the internet was only for the rich but I quickly learnt its for everyone and even can use it" by Michael Mwangi.
Isaac's had this opinion " I thought the internet was a waist of time but after the class i learnt that it is a great tool to connect the world and make us one community no what where we are in the Planet.

One student said that some of the social media plat forms were had to use and should be made simpler but over all she loved it. As for the rest of we had a almost the same opinion that we love how social media has brought us all together and made us one community.

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