October 24, 2012

Film trainees bite the dust

 It was a few minutes before lunch as we received a message from our Trainer about a news story unfolding in Kibera.We had never been on the field since we joined Kibera Film School.This was our chance to impress our Trainer.

We packed our equipments and hurried out of Kibera film school through the sewers in the ghetto,up and down the slopes  for an hour before we reached the 'News' hot spot.The trainer's phone rang.....

It turned out we had been set up by our school coordinator and trainer.There was no breaking News! As part of our evaluation,we were supposed to find a story along the ongoing construction of the southern bypass which cuts through Kibera slums connecting other parts of the city.
It was a tough day with temperatures above 28 C,no lunch and no resting.After 5 hours we had a story out of Zero.

Kibera Film School makes you think outside the box and out of your comfort zone.We learn that the hard but fun way.

A street urchin at work

Godfrey and Michael

Shirley at work

Business premises

Local signboards

It's a wrap

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