March 20, 2014


 The Foundation in Filmmaking course developed out of years of filmmaking in East African communities. Our approach is unique among training institutes in Kenya. From the first week, trainees learn through hands-on projects all aspects of filmmaking, from scriptwriting, story boarding, production, directing, camera, sound, editing, marketing, distribution, film festivals, entrepreneurship, and social networking. 
Over 60% of our graduates are working in the Kenyan media industry. In a series of outdoor community screenings, we have shown our films to more than 30,000 people. 

Working with the Spanish Embassy in Nairobi, we are co- founders of the annual Slum Film Festival. At the 2011 Filamu International Student Film festival, Kenyatta University, Hot Sun Film School won all the major awards (11 in all).

 Trainees get a chance to use Red Epic

Evaluation is based on competency. Each trainee is evaluated on her/his skill on each type of equipment and software before proceeding to the next level. Industry professionals work as instructors assisted by past graduates of the Foundation in Filmmaking course.

Tuition and Fees are the least expensive for comprehensive filmmaking training in Kenya and represent one third of the actual cost of the training of the five months intensive full-time training. 

Registration (upon acceptance): Kshs 6,000/-. Monthly:Kshs 11,000/- Fees can be paid in installments.
Deadline: Next Application: April 2014.  Full time for four months. 

Applications available at

Foundation in Filmmaking: TOPICS
Introduction and Orientation 
Introduction to Visual Storytelling 
Social Networking: facebook, twitter, blogs, vimeo, youtube, other tools 
• Photography 
Photoshop: manipulate photos, basic design elements 
Storytelling: Story development, Research, Script writing 
Pre-Production: Planning and preparation 
Directing: Treatment and storyboard, how to direct actors 
Production: Production management, planning resources necessary to make film 
Cinematography: Stills, Flip cameras, DV camera & semipro camera 
Post-production: Data capture and management, Offline editing on Final Cut Pro 
Sound: Recording sound on shoot, music and sound design in post production 
Weekly film screenings with discussion and critique 
Life Skills and Entrepreneurship: film festivals, audience, marketing, distribution

Hot Sun Film School Trainees in a production class with Tedd Josiah

Foundation in Filmmaking PROJECTS The video projects for the twenty weeks Foundation in Filmmaking course are:
Project One: 2 minute, individual. Genre: personal experience, drama (My World), drama
Project Two: 2 minute team Genre: Documentary. Story on art, sports, young entrepreneurs.
  Trainees in practical class 

 Former graduate of Hot Sun Film School sets up RED CAMERA for time lapse shoot

 Past Graduation ©Hot Sun Foundation 2014

Hot Sun Foundation's Vision is social transformation through media and art.
Our Mission is to identify and develop youth talent to tell their stories on film.
Community participation is fundamental to our programmes and training.

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March 18, 2014

Tropfest Australia Comes To Nairobi


Tropfest Australia comes to Nairobi!
Tropfest Australia Events*  Open to the Public
at no charge
23 March Sunday   6 pm Kamukunji Grounds, Kibera   Short Films Screening

25 March Tuesday 10:30am Screening & Workshop      Hot Sun Foundation
*sponsored by the Australian High Commission Nairobi

25 March Film Screening and Workshop at Hot Sun Foundation with Michael Laverty, Managing Director, TropFest Australia

·       The aim of Tropfest -  encouraging film production and providing an audience
·       Key thoughts on the making of short films from a Tropfest perspective
·       Encouraging and inspiring emerging filmmakers to share their stories
·       Tips on organising successful short film festivals

    Tues. 25 March        10:30 am to 3:30 pm   
        No charge but space very limited               
               MUST Reserve your place
Send an email to

           Hot Sun Foundation has moved!
We are at Rubia Estate, House 968, Kitengela Rd Langata near Oil Libya and Langata Hospital   Matatu # 15  from Railways  0710 624 638  mobile
is Australia's most prestigious short film festival and one of its most iconic cultural events. It is also the largest short film festival in the world. Tropfest provides unique platforms for talented filmmakers through its events and initiatives promoting new talent and developing new audiences. 
Foundation in Filmmaking
Dreaming of becoming a filmmaker?  Hot Sun Foundation is the place for all aspiring filmmakers, in East Africa
Our hands-on approach is unique in East Africa.  From the beginning of our training, trainees are making short films.
Our Foundation in Filmmaking course is four months, full time intensive training in all aspects of filmmaking.
Our fees are the most affordable in East Africa.  Every applicant who is accepted in our Foundation in Filmmaking program pays only 1/3 of the actual costs of the training.
Join our community of creatives! Apply now !     Limited Space for fee schedule and application
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Hot Sun Foundation  PO Box 30933 Nairobi, Kenya
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To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page
It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.