December 21, 2009

We're Moving!! (next door)

It has been our wish to have a bigger space, our own compound (with parking, which is a nightmare for visitors to the school) and also a place that we can hold outdoor screenings.

Our wish came true this Saturday. Our next door neighbour invited us to look at her house...and we loved it. It's a 6 bed-roomed maisonette, own and fenced compound, huge compound (that we can hold screenings at and ample parking).

We now have enough space to accommodate more students, more equipment, and more learning space!

We have worked out the lease terms, and hoping to sign and seal the deal today!

The house is right next to the current location of the film school, so we don't have to do a new map :-)

We will post pictures on moving day, which is  starts on 4th of January 2010.

I guess that was our Christmas wish come true! Your Christmas gift to us can be a donation on our Global Giving Page, whose link is here

December 15, 2009


Kibera film school trainees had a chance to finally meet their main sponsors Africalia which was represented by Sven the financial administrator and Wim who is in charge of public relations,marketing and fundraising in Africalia. Both parties got a chance to express their views and ideas and their expectations for the school.

The trainees also got  a chance to showcase some of the short films which they worked on.The officials from Africalia were very impressed to see the progress the school was making and encouraged them to keep up the good work.

Sven also encouraged the students to use this opportunity to tell their stories because film is a very powerful medium and like the saying goes seeing is believing and images speak for themselves.

"It is very satisfying to see that the money we fundraise is put to good use and one thing we should all realize is we both need each other,"said Wim.

Wim got a chance to make a detour of the Kibera slum courtesy of the trainees who were bent to show him around.
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MO FAYA "They call it a slum we call it home."

"Mo Faya" is a Kenyan musical written and directed by reknown musician Eric Wainaina.It is set in "Kwa maji" meaning "in the water".The story depicts the life in the slums and aims to show how people in the slum are taken advantage of especially by the politicians.The story has also  inco-oporated the aspect of violence that took place after the 2007 elections making it a must watch for everyone.

The Kibera Film School trainees got a chance to attend the show at the Godown art center courtesy of the Netherlands embassy.
The event was organized to honour Marije Balt who has finished her term as the Netherlands' ambassador to Kenya and was going ahead to work at the Hague for her country.
Present were people Marije has worked with in her long stay in Kenya and this included a lot of artists and youth groups. 
Marijie Balt was full of praise for the movie TOGETHERNESS SUPREME and assured her audience that they should expect a movie with a difference.
Present were also the some of the cast from TOGETHERNESS SUPREME. 

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December 14, 2009


The week has been nice. We are working on our school project. We hope to complete it on time and start our personal project. But we are going on well.
                VICTOR OLUOCH MMBOGA
I’ve a little bit frustrated the whole week, time is running so fast, that I don’t notice the sunset; because my attention is attracted by the projects I am working on now.
Mostly we are working on editing of school project and other team which includes me have been working on DVD cover and inner lay which we hope to have it done early next week. And also l’ve been developing my project script though it’s for next year. Despite all the challenges, the week and projects are great and motivating. 

The week started very nice. I went to the “PICHA MTAANI” event on Monday. The day was very tough, because of those pictures. We’ve been working on our school project, that is good by now , at least we are somewhere. All in all we had our respected visitors from Africalia Belgium, who were very happy with what we are doing. We had to show them our short films and our trailer. Otherwise everything is doing fine.
               FAITH WAVINYA MUMO
The week has been wonderful and busy. We’ve been working on our project and trying to see things done. All challenges we managed to solve issues and as at now we’ve moved far much and we made progress.
The week was fully loaded with work, us going to the field to shoot our Kibera film school project. We also had to do reshoots in some of the interviews. The great challenge was that we were unable to capture and download because all the hard drives were full thus slowing down editing.
We finished our shooting and started editing. We have two groups; editing, designing the DVD in lay. I am in the 2nd group.
The week was okay we had a lot to learn from the editing section. And the designing of the CD cover and in lay. And we are glad that we will have visitors from Africalia.
Despite the many challenges the week has been fair. We managed to solve the few challenges encountered. We are progressing on the kibera film school project and are working to beat the set deadline.
The week has been busy. We are working hard to finish the kibera film school project. We were working as a team on that CD cover. We hope to finish the kibera film school soon as possible.

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December 11, 2009

Los Angeles Times in Kibera

Kibera film school had the privilege of getting a visitor from Los Angeles Times, who paid us a visit . ROBIN DIXON who is a correspondent based in Johannersburg. She has been in daily journalism for 30 years and she spent 10 years in Moscow as  a reporter.

Robin Dixon said, ‘For the few days I was in kibera, I met great people, who are talented in different ways, and I also discovered that kibera has lots of stories, I love kibera and I hope to come again and again says’.

 Robin Dixon with Kibera Film School Trainees and Teddy (in green), who plays Peter in Togetherness Supreme

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December 8, 2009


The week to me has been fine, have been busy working hard t see ends meet and by that I feel exhausted but happy to have achieved.
My week was good trying to brainstorm on our Kibera Film School script project. We are progressing but we are still building it trying to share ideas and getting feedbacks because we want a good job but everything is good.
Working on the Kibera Film School documentary project ,we revised the script & delegated each a role to play in the film .I was given the role of a director. I hope to learn more from this.
The week was fine I participated in the class project and I also met different visitors from Map Kibera a newly formed group in Kibera and also Robin Dixon a journalist  from the L.A. times .I also discussed my project with the fellow students and according to me, that was a way forward.
The week has been fine. We have been working on the film school script and it is developing positively so far there has been no challenges. Thanks.
Its has been a busy week with lots of project going on at the same time I am working on the school’s script and personal projects .I am hoping we are going to finish our school project  on time to give us space for our own projects.
The week was fine fantastic and I had a wonderful experience we are all happy to come up with a script God willing we will finish the project and start our projects.
The week has been very good we want to work on our Kibera Film project and for our personal at least I have an idea of a documentary and a fictional film to look at. I hope for the projects to give out good results.

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The week has been challenging,I have been working hardwith my partner to finish our project and putting our credits.We have also been brainstorming on film school projects.Through the editing I have improved in my editing skills a lot.


The week has been fine.We had an engaged launch of our TS short films.We also manged to shoot a project for Jacaranda health care for safe motherhood and to me it was a great learning  experience.I love it all.


First and for most,the Kibera moja event was a success.Our work was appreciated and that really added passion.As I watched my part in the projects, I saw my self an up coming filmmaker.Im now working to make the next project another success.


This week started nice.Infact it was a very busy week.First we were invited to Alliance,then we had our screeningsat Goethe,which was wonderfull,fabulous and interesting.Actually I was very happy for visitors.Then we girls had this shooying days.We did it well,and now we are preparingfor our film school project.Thx a lot everyone.


The week has been busy after the succession of the KIBERA MOJA event on Wednesday,afterwards the female of the school had good experience from a project known as Safe Mother hood,we explored our working talents and having been on groups of two,camerawork was applied greatly and I personally had fun and knew new roles required from a film maker.

G.G .Spice

The week was fine,everything is good, we hope to work in teams on Kibera film school project.


My week was fine  with lots of tribulations and contributions.The climax was  when we screened our short films at the Goethe  Instute,which was my great achievement.Thx to all

The week was fine from the start,we worked to late hours to finish our project for the show I was proud together with the whole school and staff about the show which was the most successful and motitave to both of us.


The week was fine and I really enjoyed the screenings of the short films at the Goethe Instute and I met fellow stars  who really inspired me. Right now am working on the School project and the Safe Mother Hood project.

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December 7, 2009



The week was very challenging because we had to work and rework on our various projects, including the script project. Team work was of high spirit, with my fellow students contributing all their best ideas in making sure that we met the deadlines of the projects. Sharing of different responsibilities for the oncoming Goethe institut screening of our projects,which included calling of the guests, makingposters and flyers and distributing them.


The week started nicely and it was a busy week. We were still working on our projects in the fine cuts, making flyers, inviting visitors on our screening at Goethe institut. I 've been working on writing emails, calling the cast, crew, and friends of Hot sun foundation. Am really glad because of some visitors called back, and agree to come. Otherwise everything is doing good. Am ready for the big day.


The week was nice. We were working on our short films and everything is perfect. Inviting visitors and working on the DVD covers.


The week has been busy. I have been working on our profect and making of the short films credits with JOSE which has played a big role in my learning and giving me more skills on editing and camera work.


The week has been ok. We have managed to finish our projects. We are working to make kibera moja a success.

          JOHN NGA'RUIYA

Everything is good we were everything is ready for Goethe institut and I hope everything will be successful.


The week has been fairly good. We have been busy in making and organising the event. The publishing of the event was fantastic since we had good response from the posters and flyers distribution. The making of the projects to the DVD was made final upto the day of the event and the students were proud of themselves. All in all am eagerly waiting for the eventfull day and hope that the turn out will be successful.


It has been great and busy, since we were still perfecting our projects for the show at Goethe institut personally, this is going to be a big day for me as uprising film maker so I need no disapointment that's why am talking my time make a great staff.

          JOSPHAT KEYA

Quite a busy week.Preparations for the KIBERA MOJA event, by finiciaing our shortfilms. Doing the final touches on the film, checking with the visitors espessially the chiefs guests, a good experience for marketing and organization.     

December 3, 2009


UN-Habitat hosted a Summit on Urban Arts and Youth that brought together national and international artists, representatives of arts foundations, the private sector, arts industry and young people active in the arts. The goal of the event was to consult on the contribution the arts make sustainable urban development, specifically in terms of youth empowerment, employment, social cohesion, security, and the strengthening of local urban culture.
Participants provided input into the UN-Habitat’s “Messenger of Truth programme” (MoT) – originally a special designation given to Hip-Hop artists actively engaged in urban issues. The programme was broadened to involve the informing of youth living in slums and inner cities of the Millenium Development Goals through songs and other artistic performances.
Kibera Film School sent three trainees to the summit.
Josphat Keya, John Ngaruiya and Faith Wavinya represented the views of young upcoming filmmakers from Kibera.
We realized that the film industry in Kenya is yet to grow; most participants were amazed to meet us as young upcoming filmmakers especially coming from Kibera.
We learnt that the only way we can help up bring social values, security in the community was producing films that have morals acceptable to the society, in this way we become role models to the others back in the community.
The programme was planned that different small workshops were held with different issues touching on the welfare of artists.
We managed to interact with different personalities in the artistic industry.
We really appreciate the chance given to us to attend such a function and getting to know and relate to other artists outside there.
The programme ended at 8pm with a cocktail party. 

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November 29, 2009

Los Angeles Times visits KIBERA FILM SCHOOL!

Last week, Robyn Dixon of the Los Angeles Times (California USA) visited the KIBERA FILM SCHOOL. 

Here is one of her comments:

"We've had an amazing time meeting the trainees and hearing their stories. It's a brilliant project and it has changed the lives of all the participants in fundamental ways. I just find the Kibera Film School project so inspiring..."

                              Trainees at the Kibera Film School with
                              Producer Mercy Murugi (on the left)

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November 23, 2009


The KIBERA MOJA EVENT was a success to the students of Kibera film school whereby a good response from the audience boosted their morale as all the students were confident in sharing what they had.
The audience gave out good feedback in that the short films were captivating, catchy, encouraging and showed a lot of inspiration and creativity as they were understandable. The audience also recommended that films like sanitation that poses health hazards, humanity and the unprivileged world, harmony and diversity, daily life of a married man among others to be produced in Kibera/Kenya.
This also showed that from the short films people had a positive view as to how the school would be and were eager to visit the school.

All in all we at Kibera film school are aiming at doing our best to make the best films ever.

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November 22, 2009


Short Films by the KIBERA FILM SCHOOL 
19 November 2009 Goethe Institut, German Cultural Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

The trainees from KIBERA FILM School put on a great show for the capacity crowd on a rainy Wednesday evening in downtown Nairobi.
The audience applauded warmly and congratulated the young filmmakers on their achievement, proving that great talent exists in Kibera.
THANKS to all our friends and supporters!  There is MORE to come!

Stay tuned.  Watch this spot and


Many friends from Kibera turned out, including Maddy K and K-Pha seen in this photo

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November 13, 2009


Hot Sun Foundation and the Kibera Film School
Proudly Presents


World Premiere of Short Films from the Film School
PLUS a sneak peak at the feature film project




TIME: 6-8 P.M                                                 

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October 17, 2009


Simon, GG and Josphat admire the new SONY HDV camera at the Kibera Film School.  Thanks to AFRICALIA (Belgium) for the funding that made the camera possible!
We'll make some great films with this camera!

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October 5, 2009



The week has been quite well and really busy. But before the week started, we had a shoot of a mime short film of one of the groups in the class, and I was one of the actors. It was very interesting but also a lesson to learn on how to be in character when shooting a film, as we had several takes of the same action until the director Wilfred Masea was satisfied that it was the best take.
We had also our group's mime movie project, that we shot the first scene during the camera lesson this week, I was the director, and for sure I got the test of what directors go through during shootings, the projects are for our editing class with Edvine.
Our acting lesson with Ian, were as always interactive, we had prepared a short stage play to present it before him, which we did. It's preparation was also so tough that we thought that we would fail during the play, I also helped in directing the play, let me not reapeat of what a director faces in the field when dealing with actors. But all in all, this is a good experience of one who wants to become a filmmaker, and it is the right procedure to my preparation.
Serah taught us some stuff to do with writing for T.V, Simon, helped during our shooting of the mime film, we had a session of understanding the usage of colours, the elements of a logo which will help us in coming up with the logo of the school all in the design lesson with Joseph, in the production lesson by Mercy we learnt on how to come up with a budget for a film and we had to make one for our mime film project, which I got to find out that one needs to be very keen in doing this and lastly scripting with Cajetan is becoming more and more interesting, my skills are really improving.
Some of the challenges of this week include having to do quite a lot within a period of short time, which I am adapting to.


The week has been very educative to me and I really learnt a lot especially from group/team work i.e. in acting classes and shooting of our own small movies and without the spirit of teamwork, nothing could have taken place.
I also learnt that responsibility in a group is very important no matter what role one is given one has to take it seriously be it in production, directing, props it has to be serious.
Through the camera lessons on shots and editing I can now be able to critique a movie and realize the small mistakes that may be the cameraperson or editor did.


The week has been good, and we are trying to work as a team and we hope to co-operate with the instruction to make things work.


The week has been very interesting. The trainees have been working together. We managed to come up with a play for our acting lessons. We have also been working on mimes for our editing lesson. As always the teachers have been very interactive and day-by-day we gain from them. We went to Phoenix Theatres to watch a play, courtesy of Ian.
I have not had any set backs this week. Thank you


My work is still okay with various activities especially with making of movies, which encouraged teamwork, and I have learnt some of the weakness with other partners. Acting has also reviewed talents whereby it was a remarkable experience of people who did not have any experience.
In production despite missing lessons the teacher gave us a readable book, which is very helpful, and by learning the maths part it has been exciting.


The week has been fine. Interactive and full of activities. To me it was a happy one as I managed to be selected for MAISHA LAB SCREENING. It was an opportunity that made me appreciate a lot in the script writing and realise that I can do much better in the Kibera Film School.
In acting I realised I can act and be in character in that.


The week has gone well. I think I am heading somewhere on my classes. I am working hard to achieve something before the end of six months.
On camera I am so grateful for the camera that Pamela brought to us. Despite the small pal we had before, the new camera had many things that we have learnt but not seen them on the small pal cameras. On acting with Ian Mbugua, He invited us to go and see acting in the theatre to improve in  our classes in acting. And on script writing I think by two weeks to come we will be having our final scripts. Otherwise everything is going was good.


This week started very well because Pamela joined our film school. Working on our projects days after days. About script writing it's getting hot because we are on that road. We have a lot to show about our work. And our production teacher came this week, that made us very happy to cover some parts of production. Always we work as a team.


The week had been very nice, I have achieved a lot from my instructors. Also we are very happy for a new camera. Thanks.


It was a great week; we started working on our first project (mime film). It is film and we enjoy it because our editing teacher gives everyone a chance to participate. We produce, direct, film and edit. Kibera film school received a new and more advanced camera. Thanks to the staff for the effort they're putting to see it happening. Thanks to teacher Ian we're ending the week at Phoenix to watch drama and festival. Cheers!

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September 25, 2009



The week was fine. We had our first acting class with Ian Mbugua, which was amazing.I have leaned another new step in acting.  That’s good for me.


I really enjoyed the acting lesson this week with Ian Mbugua.Infact it helped in doing the UN project with Sabina  later in the day.  I believe  I am improving in camera work, as I can shoot without having shaky clips.  In script writing I’ve advanced and still advancing.In designing a flag mine was chosen the best Kenyan flag.


It has been a good week trying to work on script with Serah, because she explained every details. All the instructors who are giving the best including Ian who is very friendly. To our trustees we need your support mentally and physically. Sometimes as students we may go astray. We need your knowledge to learn when it comes to behaviour, decision making, handling projects and every aspects of this industry to be able  to grow and everything you talk to us through face to face. I take it positive so that I can learn and appreciate to be with director and producer of Togetherness Supreme, because we know you are here to build us.


It is one of those weeks I won’t ever forget. I had a chance to use an advanced camera. I had a chance to build my skills in camera work when Sabina a UN Investigator asked me to be her camera person. We also had Ian Mbugua in acting. That was the class of the week I couldn”t believe he is such a nice teacher and fun.


The week has generally been fine. I personally learned a lot from my tutors through an interactive learning and field work.I hope the same continues.

The week has gone well, We have been busy doing our class work and going out for practicals,having a session of critiqueing correcting other student on script writing and even having the same session on photoshop and even had our acting classes by Ian Mbugua. I really enjoy and appreciate being with the tutors.

The lessons were fine this week and the assignments are building and making me improve.I have learnt that knowledge is power and team work is a beneficiary. Learning from mistakes is useful.
Suggestions: I am an avid reader and I was requesting if I could get access to the books which are on the shelves in the other office (if its possible and for interested students we will appreciate)
Challenges: Limited time when finishing assignments that need work stations, ie laptops and monitors.

My week was good.  Finally Ian came to class and it was very interesting because what we were taught we used it on the UN PROJECT that we had.

The week was fine  with all the teachers in action including Ian who taught us on acting factics and to add on that. I took a part in the UN shooting interviews with Sabina.
Also in Cajetan’s classes I learn how to listen to other peoples’ stories and giving feedback.
On photoshop I learned new skills on how to play around with different designs.

This week has been very busy.  Finally we started our acting classes with Ian mbugua who gave us tips on how to give good first grance impression.
Sabina a UN Investigator who was using  Kibera Film School trainees as subject in her documentary was very impressed by our ability to act.

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September 14, 2009

On location with Togetherness Supreme: Report from students

The week was one of experience. I,for the first time participated in the Togetherness Supreme reshoot. This give me the first hand experience of what happens during shooting.

(I) enjoyed being in the field doing the reshoots of Togetherness Supreme, woking together as ateam makes things easier.

It's been a busy week with alot of  good staff to learn I was participating in Togetherness Supreme reshoots which took three days  which stopped me from attending classes in three days but I have no complain coz i learn a lot from field. 

The week has been busy and learning experience from the Togetherness Supreme reshoot.

The week has been good  because we learned in and out of class. It was good because I learned new things in production, that is how you work when you receive a film budget. Working on Togetherness Supreme on reshoots it was a good experience

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September 1, 2009

Halogen TV visits Kibera Film School

Halogen TV, a new American Television Network to be launched later this year, visited Kibera Film School yesterday.

They interviewed Mercy Murugi, for their series "Noble Exchange: Africa" on being a young female film maker in Kenya and Africa, on working with the youth in Kibera Film School and on producing Hot Sun Films / Hot Sun Foundation feature film, Togetherness Supreme. They talked about the challenges of filming in Kibera, the challenge / joys of having a film school in Kibera and the vision for the film school.

They also had a talk with the students on different cameras, and the importance of networking in the film industry. The students had a lot of questions to ask in regards to their work and about the film schools in the US.

And even let the students try out their HVX 200 camera.

The students spent time with the Managing Trustee of Hot Sun Foundation Nathan Collett dropped by the Film School and talked to them about the differences between NTSC and PAL.

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August 22, 2009

Kibera Film School featured on AFRICA RISING!

On Thursday, the film crew from Africa Rising visited the Kibera Film School to do a feature on the school. Africa Rising is a lifestyle show that is aired on Digital Satellite Television (DSTV) across Africa by M-Net on their new channel, Africa Magic Plus. Africa Rising airs from Monday to Friday at 9.00am with repeats at 6.00pm and has a reach of over six (6) million viewers; focusing on seven (7) Eastern African countries namely, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan and Ethiopia.
We are delighted that KIBERA FILM SCHOOL will be featured on Africa Rising! Watch for it!

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It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.