December 7, 2009



The week was very challenging because we had to work and rework on our various projects, including the script project. Team work was of high spirit, with my fellow students contributing all their best ideas in making sure that we met the deadlines of the projects. Sharing of different responsibilities for the oncoming Goethe institut screening of our projects,which included calling of the guests, makingposters and flyers and distributing them.


The week started nicely and it was a busy week. We were still working on our projects in the fine cuts, making flyers, inviting visitors on our screening at Goethe institut. I 've been working on writing emails, calling the cast, crew, and friends of Hot sun foundation. Am really glad because of some visitors called back, and agree to come. Otherwise everything is doing good. Am ready for the big day.


The week was nice. We were working on our short films and everything is perfect. Inviting visitors and working on the DVD covers.


The week has been busy. I have been working on our profect and making of the short films credits with JOSE which has played a big role in my learning and giving me more skills on editing and camera work.


The week has been ok. We have managed to finish our projects. We are working to make kibera moja a success.

          JOHN NGA'RUIYA

Everything is good we were everything is ready for Goethe institut and I hope everything will be successful.


The week has been fairly good. We have been busy in making and organising the event. The publishing of the event was fantastic since we had good response from the posters and flyers distribution. The making of the projects to the DVD was made final upto the day of the event and the students were proud of themselves. All in all am eagerly waiting for the eventfull day and hope that the turn out will be successful.


It has been great and busy, since we were still perfecting our projects for the show at Goethe institut personally, this is going to be a big day for me as uprising film maker so I need no disapointment that's why am talking my time make a great staff.

          JOSPHAT KEYA

Quite a busy week.Preparations for the KIBERA MOJA event, by finiciaing our shortfilms. Doing the final touches on the film, checking with the visitors espessially the chiefs guests, a good experience for marketing and organization.     

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