December 8, 2009



The week has been challenging,I have been working hardwith my partner to finish our project and putting our credits.We have also been brainstorming on film school projects.Through the editing I have improved in my editing skills a lot.


The week has been fine.We had an engaged launch of our TS short films.We also manged to shoot a project for Jacaranda health care for safe motherhood and to me it was a great learning  experience.I love it all.


First and for most,the Kibera moja event was a success.Our work was appreciated and that really added passion.As I watched my part in the projects, I saw my self an up coming filmmaker.Im now working to make the next project another success.


This week started nice.Infact it was a very busy week.First we were invited to Alliance,then we had our screeningsat Goethe,which was wonderfull,fabulous and interesting.Actually I was very happy for visitors.Then we girls had this shooying days.We did it well,and now we are preparingfor our film school project.Thx a lot everyone.


The week has been busy after the succession of the KIBERA MOJA event on Wednesday,afterwards the female of the school had good experience from a project known as Safe Mother hood,we explored our working talents and having been on groups of two,camerawork was applied greatly and I personally had fun and knew new roles required from a film maker.

G.G .Spice

The week was fine,everything is good, we hope to work in teams on Kibera film school project.


My week was fine  with lots of tribulations and contributions.The climax was  when we screened our short films at the Goethe  Instute,which was my great achievement.Thx to all

The week was fine from the start,we worked to late hours to finish our project for the show I was proud together with the whole school and staff about the show which was the most successful and motitave to both of us.


The week was fine and I really enjoyed the screenings of the short films at the Goethe Instute and I met fellow stars  who really inspired me. Right now am working on the School project and the Safe Mother Hood project.

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