October 17, 2009


Simon, GG and Josphat admire the new SONY HDV camera at the Kibera Film School.  Thanks to AFRICALIA (Belgium) for the funding that made the camera possible!
We'll make some great films with this camera!

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October 5, 2009



The week has been quite well and really busy. But before the week started, we had a shoot of a mime short film of one of the groups in the class, and I was one of the actors. It was very interesting but also a lesson to learn on how to be in character when shooting a film, as we had several takes of the same action until the director Wilfred Masea was satisfied that it was the best take.
We had also our group's mime movie project, that we shot the first scene during the camera lesson this week, I was the director, and for sure I got the test of what directors go through during shootings, the projects are for our editing class with Edvine.
Our acting lesson with Ian, were as always interactive, we had prepared a short stage play to present it before him, which we did. It's preparation was also so tough that we thought that we would fail during the play, I also helped in directing the play, let me not reapeat of what a director faces in the field when dealing with actors. But all in all, this is a good experience of one who wants to become a filmmaker, and it is the right procedure to my preparation.
Serah taught us some stuff to do with writing for T.V, Simon, helped during our shooting of the mime film, we had a session of understanding the usage of colours, the elements of a logo which will help us in coming up with the logo of the school all in the design lesson with Joseph, in the production lesson by Mercy we learnt on how to come up with a budget for a film and we had to make one for our mime film project, which I got to find out that one needs to be very keen in doing this and lastly scripting with Cajetan is becoming more and more interesting, my skills are really improving.
Some of the challenges of this week include having to do quite a lot within a period of short time, which I am adapting to.


The week has been very educative to me and I really learnt a lot especially from group/team work i.e. in acting classes and shooting of our own small movies and without the spirit of teamwork, nothing could have taken place.
I also learnt that responsibility in a group is very important no matter what role one is given one has to take it seriously be it in production, directing, props it has to be serious.
Through the camera lessons on shots and editing I can now be able to critique a movie and realize the small mistakes that may be the cameraperson or editor did.


The week has been good, and we are trying to work as a team and we hope to co-operate with the instruction to make things work.


The week has been very interesting. The trainees have been working together. We managed to come up with a play for our acting lessons. We have also been working on mimes for our editing lesson. As always the teachers have been very interactive and day-by-day we gain from them. We went to Phoenix Theatres to watch a play, courtesy of Ian.
I have not had any set backs this week. Thank you


My work is still okay with various activities especially with making of movies, which encouraged teamwork, and I have learnt some of the weakness with other partners. Acting has also reviewed talents whereby it was a remarkable experience of people who did not have any experience.
In production despite missing lessons the teacher gave us a readable book, which is very helpful, and by learning the maths part it has been exciting.


The week has been fine. Interactive and full of activities. To me it was a happy one as I managed to be selected for MAISHA LAB SCREENING. It was an opportunity that made me appreciate a lot in the script writing and realise that I can do much better in the Kibera Film School.
In acting I realised I can act and be in character in that.


The week has gone well. I think I am heading somewhere on my classes. I am working hard to achieve something before the end of six months.
On camera I am so grateful for the camera that Pamela brought to us. Despite the small pal we had before, the new camera had many things that we have learnt but not seen them on the small pal cameras. On acting with Ian Mbugua, He invited us to go and see acting in the theatre to improve in  our classes in acting. And on script writing I think by two weeks to come we will be having our final scripts. Otherwise everything is going was good.


This week started very well because Pamela joined our film school. Working on our projects days after days. About script writing it's getting hot because we are on that road. We have a lot to show about our work. And our production teacher came this week, that made us very happy to cover some parts of production. Always we work as a team.


The week had been very nice, I have achieved a lot from my instructors. Also we are very happy for a new camera. Thanks.


It was a great week; we started working on our first project (mime film). It is film and we enjoy it because our editing teacher gives everyone a chance to participate. We produce, direct, film and edit. Kibera film school received a new and more advanced camera. Thanks to the staff for the effort they're putting to see it happening. Thanks to teacher Ian we're ending the week at Phoenix to watch drama and festival. Cheers!

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