November 18, 2012

Kibera Film School embraces Citizen Journalism

Kibera Film School added another feather to it's cap as two people were selected for an intensive citizen journalism workshop at PAWA254
Noreen Kombo(Trainee at Kibera Film School) and Joash Mageto (Trainer) were selected for the three day Journalism workshop which was facilitated by Mr Roy Gichuhi an experienced Journalist in the Kenyan Media.
Mr.Gichuhi taught on the code of conduct for the practice of Journalism in Kenya,the new constitution in relation to Kenyan Media laws and professional writing.

The event was graced by Jackie Lebo,a Filmmaker,writer and photographer who showcased Gun to Tape- a documentary based on the pre-Olympic training activities of Kenyan athletes.As the Producer of the documentary she explained to us the challenges involved in making of the documentary and promised to visit us at Kibera Film School soon for a possible screening.
The Media Council of Kenya was also at hand to provide additional information for upcoming Journalists.

We are now  working on our second project under Kibera TV and the workshop could not have come at a better time.

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Do you celebrate your toilet?

Kibera Film School and Community Cleaning Services (CCS) an emerging Kenyan nonprofit social enterprise teamed up last week in preparation for the World Toilet Day.
This is an international day of action celebrated annually on November 19th aiming to break the taboo around toilets and draw attention to the global sanitation challenge.

The CCS team was in Kibera,Ayany estate primary school on a mission of cleaning 600 toilets in Nairobi by November 19th.
Elizabeth,a quality assurance professional at CCS was kind enough to take us through their community programme.The cleaning team from Mathare area had fun interacting with the trainees from Kibera Film School.

CCS Mathare Team member

Elizabeth briefing the Trainees

Martin working the Flip Camera

Noreen and the Flip Camera

Mathare CCS Team at Ayany,Kibera

The Film trainees covered this event in preparation for their next project in Kibera T.v which involves producing positive news stories from the community using the Flip camera.

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November 16, 2012

UK Creative comes back home

Nadeem Rajwani was born and raised in Kenya. He has worked in the advertising industry in Kenya and later branched out into film 10 years ago.
He is a seasoned screenwriter and Filmmaker having studied in Canada and currently based in the UK.Nadeem took us through his journey as a film student and why he is back home.After a lengthy discussion,he encouraged the trainees to pick up writing in addition to their favorite subjects at Kibera Film School.

Nadeem Rajwani shares a point

Nadeem Rajwani in class with us.

He is currently looking for producers to help him make his feature film “City in the Sun”.We look forward to work with him next year when he returns for various projects.
To connect with Nadeem Rajwani look him up on

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November 13, 2012

Sound Design at Kibera Film School

This week we started the sound design class with our trainer Stephen Okoth.

 Sound Design trainer Stephen Okoth

Demonstration of sound tracks on Final Cut Pro.

Introduction to the boom stick.

Michael going through the ropes


The next class will be in the field work and we are very eager for the next class.

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November 7, 2012

Kibera celebrates President Obama's re-election

Breakfast at re election party

Porridge served in a calabash

Loyal fans at the Railway line

Kibera TV's best shot

USA flag at Kibera

Godfrey-2012 Film Trainee

Breakfast assembly at Kibera

Film trainees Godfrey(in blue)and Isaac(in red shirt)

Photos courtesy of Kibera TV

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November 6, 2012

Another Award For Hot Sun Foundation from Operation Smile Mission in Kenya

Certificate of participation
Since 2011 Hot Sun Foundation has had the pleasure of working with Operation Smile Mission in Kenya

Grishon Onyango

Grishon and colleague at work

Grishon Onyango a former trainee at Kibera Film School has been working as a volunteer photographer.

Sight seeing in Kisumu

Operation Smile team In Kisumu 

 Photos courtesy of Grishon Onyango

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November 2, 2012

Goodbye October.Hallo November!

Happy November to all our friends and supporters!
October was a busy month at Kibera Film School.The last quarter of the year seems to have brought good tidings to our school and the Kibera community in general.

We had the pleasure of hosting Mr Bjorn Maes the Programme Manager at Africalia.
Through its three-year programmes, Africalia supports professional organizations and networks in Africa that contribute to the flourishing of artists, that in turn play their social and societal role in strengthening democracies.
Mr.Maes came to check on the progress of the programmes being offered at Kibera Film School. He was impressed with our curriculum and our trainee projects including our recently concluded 'My World' short films.

The trainees challenged him to come another time as a volunteer at Hot Sun Foundation where he can be able to mingle freely and see how we live and work on a daily basis.Learn more about Africalia on:

Photo by: Ronald.ronics

We also hosted Mr Mathias Antonsson and his Kenyan colleague from GESCI as they were gathering information from different institutions on the use of ICT to promote Digital Media Arts in Kenya.
The Q&A session with the GESCI team and Kibera Film School trainees was a bit weird at first as their questions were technically formulated. We had some moments of silence and the questions had to be re phrased to simple English in order for them to get the right answers. The time was not enough for us to have in depth discussions but it was a meeting of creatives and ICT professionals which was worth our lunch break.
For more on Mr Antonsson's experience and GESCI  work in Kenya have a look at:

Many visitors are always surprised once they enter through our gates they do not know what to expect.We love to see their surprised faces when they learn we are just normal trainees at school doing what we love.
Our environment does not discourage us from being the best,instead it pushes us further to be the best class of Kibera Film School 2012.

Karibuni Kibera Film School
Welcome to Kibera Film School

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It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.