November 30, 2013

Coming To Terms With Technical Aspect Of Filmmaking.

My name is Wambui Wanjoi, 

Iam 34 years of age and I live in Syokimau on the outscasts of Nairobi

I learnt about Kibera Film School through social media

Why did you join KFS?
I have always wanted to study flmmaking because its been my passion, just to tell my stories…Kenyan stories in my own way.

Describe your experience at KFS?
I have gotten to learn so much about filmmaking and the art of photography. I have also gotten to know so much about editing. It actually surprised me that I would be interested in this very technical aspect of filmmaking.

Your most challenging moment so far?
My most challenging moments I would say technical work.

The training at Kibera Film School been an eye opener to me.

Describe KFS in 3 words?



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November 18, 2013

From Uganda To 'Kibera Film School' To Study Filmmaking.

My name is Lewis Mathew

I am 21 years.

I come from Jinja-Uganda

 Lewis Mathew

I got to know KFS while volunteering for the 3rd edition of Slum Film Festival

Why did you join KFS?
The reason why I joined Kibera Film School is because I want to be a good video editor and camera person…be the best Ugandan filmmaker.

Describe your experience at KFS?
At KFS, I have done a lot of networking, I have met many focused talented souls. I have gotten the chance to interact with caring, talented creatives who really love what they do. The trainers are willing to share what they know to us the trainees, the experience is fun and challenging.

Your most challenging moment so far?
Scriptwriting has been my major challenge. Having to come up with a 2-minute final script has been a challenge, but am on the right track. 

Describe KFS in 3 words?
Encouraging, Unique, Fun.

Mathew in red sweater with some of his classmates
 Some of Mathew's classmates in Videography class

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November 16, 2013

Have Fun.

Yes Have fun!

Filmmaking is never that serious ...and apart from learning the skills trainees at Kibera Film School are encouraged to simply Have Fun! 

  • Discuss what you want in terms of cause, not effect. Not “I want you to look away from him” but “Your character can’t stand to look at him.” It will make more sense to them. 
  • If there’s something that needs doing and not enough people to do it...DO IT.
  • It is not cool to waste somebody else’s money
  • Don’t short-change yourself 
  • Learn about budgets

 Trainees practicing how to frame shots

KFS trainees all smiles.

Simply Have Fun!

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November 5, 2013

A Donation Befitting A Journalism Student.

Happy moment's for Evans Mikel a journalism student at Zetech College after receiving a hard drive donation from Hot Sun Foundation, for his school work.


 Evans Mikel all smiles

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November 4, 2013

What makes a great short film?

What makes a great short film?

As part of the 5 months hands-on film training trainees create two minute "My World" short films. Awhile back  Heinz Hermanns, from Interfilm Berlin visited us and we had a discussion on what makes a good short film.

Preproduction and feedback  are CRUCIAL to filmmaking
Filmmakers in Kenya need to be more critical. Exchange your ideas, scripts: get and give feedback.  Must have a great story or you don't have a film.  Get feedback from the beginning of the concept.

Short film: must have an audio visual concept, seduce the spectator to take part emotionally and intellectually

Short film: must work immediately, grab attention of audience, something interesting,
Must be visual.
Story development: must work.  Can make NO mistakes (feature films can have some)
Short film must be more original than a feature film, have something special. Very little time to tell the story
MUST BE COMPLETE: with an ending… not just stop

Components of a great short film:
Plan:the look of the film
Color concept: palette
Sound: must develop the audio concept before shooting. MUST have quality sound.
Suggest: Be careful with music, especially piano music which can overwhelm the visual. 
Casting: Actors key
Camera: must hold attention of audience
Every frame is a composition like a painting

Some elements of bad short films
            Too long
            Do not care about your audience
            TV aesthetics
            A copy of another film or story
            Choose team carefully
            Seduce not provoke audience
            Accept criticism
            Don't make it too personal
            Not a slide show of a series of stills
            MUST have good sound and sound concept
It's not just a name welcome and learn the art of filmmaking. Our training is hands-on.