October 16, 2012

Global Giving Bonus Day October 17th 2012

Today has been an exhausting day.We had auditions yesterday followed up by intensive rehearsals at Kibera Film School.
Scout location in the slums was not an easy task.We climbed up and down the trenches,down the railway line at Kibera trying to find the perfect spot for our project.

My classmates were tired.The sun was not any different today as we walked through piles of garbage and flowing sewage through the muddy roads and a maze of houses we finally called it a day.Locations locked.
 All I could think of today was an early night after a dinner of Githeri (mixed maize and beans) and I remembered tomorrow is a special day.I had to tell the world about it on behalf of my classmates.

Kibera Film School is  the only comprehensive, hands-on film-making training available to youth in Kenya from families with limited economic resources that prepares youth from slum communities to share their stories on video to their communities and the world.Please let us all help where we can.

2012 Film trainees


Wednesday 17 October is Bonus Day.  Global Giving will match your contribution by 30%.
Join the Giving Cycle.

Thank you.

 To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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