December 9, 2011

Luck and Success: Michael Robert's Story

My name is Michael Robert Munyore. I am 21 years old
My father passed away when I was eight years old.  My dad's relatives raised me. My mother is somewhere in Western Kenya. I am lucky.  I'm on my own but my cousin in Kibera helped me finish high school.
When I look to my future, I see success. I don't do drugs. So many friends  wasted their lives with drugs, petty crime. I want to go somewhere with my life.  That's why I don't look back and worry about the past.
I always had a passion for filmmaking. I came across the Hot Sun Foundation sign in Kibera and wanted to know what was behind it.  I joined Kibera TV as a volunteer.  I then applied and joined Kibera Film School.  Remember I said I am lucky and focused on my future.
My life in Hot Sun has improved me in so many ways. I have made good contacts with filmmakers in the school and good friends. When I need support I know whom to go to. I have grown education wise. I am building my character and my career at the same time. So far so good.
What is my message to Hot Sun Foundation supporters?
I would tell them they should not give up.  They are investing in success. What they give today will be given back to them tomorrow. 
In this holiday season, be creative in your gift giving and make a difference. 
• Give a gift to Hot Sun Foundation  at have a gift card sent to your friend or family member. 
• Purchase gift DVDs from Kibera at All proceeds go to Hot Sun Foundation.
Many thanks for all you do. 
Michael Robert

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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  1. Really touchy story of this young boy. I glad to see his success. He is talented guy and of course he deserved this success.
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