March 12, 2012

"I Have A Talent To Expose" Rebecca Musanga

Good people the new students are in class. 
The next generation of young filmmakers are in the kitchen. (Kibera Film School)

I met enthusiastic Rebecca Musanga...and she is.. "wow"

Why did you choose Kibera film school?
Because it has the best equipment and experienced people. it also gives one an opportunity to tell his /her own stories.

Do you believe you are unique in your own way as a student?
I believe i have something different from any other person and i have a talent to expose it.

"The desire to impact the society positively by sharing their stories through film" says Rebecca Musanga.

Why film and what do you intend to achieve?
film involves a lot of creativity and its unique. At the end of the day i want to achieve success by telling the African story as it's  through education and talent

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