February 20, 2014

Never Give Up

My name is Michael Kuria.   I am a trainee at Kibera Film School. I study film and I am focusing on editing.

The very first  film  I have ever made is called  INVISIBLE  SCARS. I wrote and directed the film.  Then I edited it for almost two weeks. The reason why I edited for so long was because my film is in black and white,  so I had to color correct. 

After I finished  editing my film on Final Cut Pro,  I exported it in the wrong ratio.  When you export in the wrong ratio, all the characters in the film look short and fat.

One morning, - it was on a Thursday -  I was going to film school when I was attacked by thugs. They took my phone,  my money and my hard drive.  My film was on the hard drive.  I had no other back up. 

I was so devastated  that I almost gave up.  I went home and stayed from Friday to Saturday thinking  about what to do. My mother encouraged me. She gave me money to return to film school.

On Sunday I went back to  the Kibera Film School to reedit  my  whole film.  Luckily the school still had the unedited version.   I spent the whole night editing. Surprisingly I finished it in one night.

When my film INVISIBLE SCARS was evaluated on Monday morning, all the staff said the film was outstanding and told a powerful story. I was surprised at that evaluation.  There were no major mistakes in my film. 

I am so glad that I didn't give up.

Mike Kuria with fellow trainees in a practical lesson

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