November 25, 2010


Alice at the nailab editing their video
Clarence, Victor, Wycliffe, Alice & Josphat represented Kibera TV in a workshop on spot a cheetah at the nailab . The workshop was brought together youths from Kibera News Network, KIbera Girls Soccer Academy, Nairobits & Kibera TV from Kibera Film School. The aim of bringing this groups together according to the organisers Jaap and Stef was to provide a platform wher the groups could share what they do and also leran more on the new interactive platform of spot a cheetah.
Before the workshop started the groups did short presentaton of their groups, Kibera TV/Kibera Film School was represented by Josphat, the response of the crowd through questions was overwhelming.

The most interseting part was when all the participants were asked to make a thirty second buzzing video about a cheetah. The exercise involded drafting a short script, shoot it and edit it. Well Victor's group really impressed the organisers by the work it did. The rest of the group wil be submitting their work in the course of the week.

The participants busy working

Tonee, one of the organisers having a last word with the participants.

Josphat sharing Kibera TV stories

Josphat presenting a talk.

Josphat, Victor & Jaap consulting.
Once again Kibera Film School shines.

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