November 16, 2010

Hot Sun Foundation At TEDx Talks

Josphat on stage

"This is how we started..."

"We welcome you to vist us"

Hot Sun Foundation participated in the last TED x talks that were held during the month of August in Nairobi. The talks were held in Mathare, Kibera, Kangemi and Korogocho on different occasions. Represented by Josphat Keya the Program Coordinator Hot Sun Foundation talk focused on empowering and nurturing the rich talented youth in who are found in the most informal settlements of Nairobi. The talks were inspiring seeing how the organization started from a small start to now something that is empowering the youth who had lost hope and the society had denied them a slot to empower themselves.
The trainees form Kibera Film School were also present in all the talks, they were helping covering the event, their counterparts Kibera Tv were not left out either. The coverage was part of building their skills.

Preparation for Togetherness Supreme sign up.

You have discovered that point, which has been ignored for so long, empowering the youth through their talents. That is what we need more in this country, Halima Hanii-The Youth Congress, Korogocho

To spice up the event, at the end of the talks, the audience was taken to the world of film as Togetherness Supreme was screened for them.

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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