June 13, 2013

Safaricom C.E.O Bob Collymore Visits 'House Of Creatives'

 By Wambui Kaggai Trainee,  Kibera Film School

Every Friday at Hot Sun Foundation we invite industry experts and media/film professionals, who come and interact with us (trainees at Kibera Film School). The Friday Guest Talks were started last year by Josphat Keya the Program Coordinator. Friday Guest Talks help youth to think beyond their current situation, exchanging ideas with people who have transformed their lives and now are role models.

On Friday 7 June 2013,  we hosted three prominent  people:  Bob Collymore the C.E.O. of Safaricom,  Ronnie Osumba, Safaricom sector manager--media, ICT and education, (Ronnie was the running mate for Peter Kenneth)  and Kenneth Okoth, Member of Parliament for Kibra constituency.

That Friday morning the Hot Sun Foundation was a buzz of activity. Last minute checkups were done. Then  Josphat Keya calmly went through the plan for the afternoon’s events.

By 2:30 pm the program was underway. The guests had arrived and had a tour of the programs at Hot Sun Foundation - Hot Sun Productions, Kibera TV and Kibera Film School.

We sat in our chairs patiently waiting for the session to begin. When Bob started to speak silence, prevailed, (except for planes and helicopters overhead), as each person listened carefully, not wanting to miss a word.

Although now a C.E.O. of a very well-known company,  Bob's journey to success started from a humble beginning in Guyana.  At one time he ventured into the film world, doing co-operate videos using a 60mm- film camera. “If you want to do something good you have to put hours into it”.

Bob’s talent, which he discovered over the years, was his ability to relate well with people. “And through this I have been able to transform the lives of people everyday. This keeps me going”.

Ronnie and Kenneth both went to school at Olympic Primary School and grew up in Kibera. Now they are positive role models for the youth in Kibera.

"It does not matter where you begin but what you do with what you have. This is what matters," said Ronnie Osumba.  "There are infinite possibilities." Those words echoed deeply within us.

Ronnie, Kenneth and Bob watching 2 min films by Kibera Film School 
and Kibera TV

Ronnie, Bob, with Hot Sun Foundation staff enjoying the umbrellas. 
An umbrella comes in handy during sunny shoots

Bob Collymore, Safaricom CEO,  with trainees of Kibera Film School

Hon Kenneth Okoth MP Kibra constituency 
with Kibera Film School trainees

Ronnie Osumba with Kibera Film School trainees

Bob at the Hot Sun Foundation reception 
with Anne Mwaniki (left), Financial Manager
and Josphat Keya (right), Program Coordinator

Bob and Ronnie with Martin of  Kibera TV

Ronnie shares his story.

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