June 6, 2013

Short is Sweet part 2

Short is Sweet  part 2: What makes a great short film?

Second in a series of blogs about short films

Heinz Hermanns, CEO of Interfilm Berlin, an international film festival and distribution center for short films  www.interfilm.de/en/ described what is a good short film, during his recent visit to Hot Sun Foundation in Kibera, Nairobi.
What makes a good short film (according to Heinz Hermanns, Interfilm Berlin).

Preproduction and feedback  are CRUCIAL to filmmaking
Filmmakers in Kenya need to be more critical. Exchange your ideas, scripts: get and give feedback.  Must have a great story or you don't have a film.  Get feedback from the beginning of the concept.

Short film: must have an audio visual concept, seduce the spectator to take part emotionally and intellectually

Short film: must work immediately, grab attention of audience, something interesting,
Must be visual.
Story development: must work.  Can make NO mistakes (feature films can have some)
Short film must be more original than a feature film, have something special. Very little time to tell the story
MUST BE COMPLETE: with an ending… not just stop

Components of a great short film:
Plan:the look of the film
Color concept: palette
Sound: must develop the audio concept before shooting. MUST have quality sound.
Suggest: Be careful with music, especially piano music which can overwhelm the visual. 
Casting: Actors key
Camera: must hold attention of audience
Every frame is a composition like a painting

Some elements of bad short films
            Too long
            Do not care about your audience
            TV aesthetics
            A copy of another film or story
            Choose team carefully
            Seduce not provoke audience
            Accept criticism
            Don't make it too personal
            Not a slide show of a series of stills
            MUST have good sound and sound concept

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