June 5, 2013

Aida and The Inlaws: A true story.

 Aida with camera    
Aida Achieng


Greetings from Hot Sun Foundation! 

Aida and The Inlaws:  a true story         

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Have you ever had a misunderstanding with your inlaws?

What if your inlaws came into your house and took away everything you own?  
Outrageous? Unbelievable?
Here's Aida's story and the story of a film at Hot Sun Foundation that mirrored her own life.
Aida Achieng, 28, graduated from Kibera Film School in 2010. Aida is currently the coordinator of the Kibera Film School.  
Two years ago, Joash, one of the trainees at Kibera Film School was preparing to shoot a short film. The main actress didn't show up.   Joash asked Aida to take the lead part and she agreed. Joash shot the film and all went well.
According to Kenyan tradition, after the death of the husband, the in-laws come and take all of the property from the widow, and sometimes even her children.
In Joash's film, titled The Inlaws, the grieving widow, played by Aida, lost everything, even a photo of her deceased husband. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GMRaCK7voKU  
Joash based his film The Inlaws on what had happened to his aunt. He didn't know at the time of making the film, that in real life, following the death of her husband in an auto accident nine years ago, Aida's in-laws came to her apartment and took everything, leaving her with an empty house.
Aida is pleased with the film: The InLaws got prizes in film festivals. I was able to show what women who don't have voices are going through. I want all Kenyans to see this film and change this tradition.
These are the type of films that the youth at Kibera Film School are making - stories of lives of people whose voices are not heard - stories that can help change lives and destructive traditions.
You can be a co-producer of films like The Inlaws and help change the lives of women like Aida.
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Kibera trainee Shirley with Joash and kids
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