July 15, 2013


Charles Isaboke

My journey of becoming a filmmaker just started during the shoot of my first project known as 'My World'. I thought becoming a good filmmaker was just an easy way but I was wrong. The OUT WASH is the title of my first short film. Despite enjoying myself, I faced myriads of challenges.

In order to make a good film one needs to make sure she/he has each and every equipment needed for the shoot. Personally I had a problem with lighting, continuity and sound. That day I was under alot of pressure, I had to make sure that the crew had everything needed on set and the actors were well dressed, had make-up and fed.

In a film every minute or second is very important to a filmmaker. You must be a good timekeeper, know how to communicate with both your crew and your actors well in order to make a good film. Planning also plays a very good role because without having a plan as a filmmaker you are doomed.

There is usually tension as being the director. This is because you usually keep on wondering if all your plans would work well or not. This is normal to every person who is trying to work his plans out. The only way to overcome this is to calm down and organize yourself.

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