July 22, 2013

Passion is what drives me!

Story by Nathan Abusho

Passion is what drives me. Though it has never been put into real practice until I was expected to do it on 23th June, 2013, it sounded a bit ambiguous for I never knew this time will one day come but as the lay man say time will always speak. Everything I had learnt for the past three months had to be put into practice, which only made me nervous but it was clear I had to prove that my stay at Kibera Film School was not a waste of time but there was real account of time.
   Time was now I had to either be a filmmaker or not, it was unusual day to me, My World-Destiny I believed I had gone through pre production well which consisted of script writing, casting and distributing the release forms; my crew and cast were ready to put every word on the script to a real action that was to be visualized, the set was designed, everything and everyone waiting for the director who was me to call it on.
   Everything went as planned though the handycam that I was to use developed some mechanical problem but I was helped by trainers who were always there to help in every situation that was a bit difficult, it was a day that has always remained in my memory just like a new paint always, every day I feel that Kibera Film School is the right place for me and all that have a passion for filmmaking for I, you get to learn and practice all the aspects of film making.


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