July 17, 2013


Words of David Weda

My first experience as a director was when I was shooting my first project ('My World' a 2 minutes short film), which is called ‘Watiaji’. It was a ‘my world’ project which is about one’s personal experience and mine was inspired by a true story.

It is about the life of a young man, Bushman who is criticized by his nosy neighbours. The neighbours connive to have him evicted from his house so that they can occupy his room, as housing is a problem in Kibera.

I had a fantastic crew and cast who helped me complete this project. We experienced some challenges but we managed to overcome them. First we didn’t have electricity and the lighting was poor but thanks to the innovative minds from Hot Sun Foundation we managed to shoot. 

I also thank my crew and cast for their co-operation as this was a zero budget film, but they did their best out of the passion they have for film and the ethics we acquired fro Hot Sun Foundation.

Being a director is fun but a little bit tricky as you are supposed to bring out the visual interpretation of the script, you have to be open minded and get remarks from the actors and crew as some will not be comfortable with how you want them to say a particular line or how to act it. But sometimes I had to be strict with them so that I achieve what I wanted at the end of it all.

I must admit it is an overwhelming job but its what I want to be, my mentors are Quentin Tarantino, Steven Spielberg, Orson wells and James Cameron.

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