November 29, 2011

Turning Point: Wicky's Story

My name is Wickliffe Otieno Mboya. I am 23 years old. Before I came to Hot Sun Foundation, my life took a wrong turn. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. They were somehow misleading me - taking drugs, working at night, not sure what they were doing.
I had contact with Hot Sun Foundation as an extra in the award-winning feature film TOGETHERNESS SUPREME. Then I drifted back to the streets. Hanging out. Doing nothing. Looking for easy money. Me and my friends are called "idle youth".
Mercy Murugi, producer of TOGETHERNESS SUPREME and trustee at Hot Sun Foundation saw me. I asked her for 30 shillings to buy a soft drink. She refused and told me to come with her to the Hot Sun Foundation office.
I started working as a volunteer with Kibera TV, an online community news service at Hot Sun Foundation. Then I was accepted to Kibera Film School where I learned all aspects of filmmaking.
To this day I am working with Hot Sun Foundation. I go back to the street and tell my old friends, they can change their ways. Most of them are gone - either dead or in jail. I
 go back to see my mum and bring her food for the family. She marvels and tells me that I am a different Wicky from the one she knew.
What does Hot Sun Foundation offer to the larger community?
When someone sees the me before and the me now, he asks where I am coming from. I am not the way I used to be. I used to only take. Now I am a positive person in the community, sharing all that I've got.
Every film that we do here is based on a true life story - something that effects the community. We are making peace through showing our films, like TOGETHERNESS SUPREME. We need to bring peace in different locations. We need funds to do that.
Here's my message to our supporters: Thank you for what you are doing. You are really touching people's lives - that's what all people should aspire to. Even if it is only one life, you will be remembered for that.
I only ask you to continue - changing lives, bringing peace through creating young filmmakers.
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I'll be looking for you.
Sincerely, Wicky

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