November 3, 2011


 Embassy of the kingdom of Belgium ambassador to Kenya Bart Ouvry,his wife Carine Ouvry,Belgium Counsellor to Kenya Pieter Leenknegt,Hilai and Philopra visited Hot Sun Foundation an organization based in Olympic Kibera supported and funded by Africalia under the Belgium Co-orperation.

The ambasssador also got a chance to speak to the foundations trustees Nathan Collett,Pamela Collette and Mercy Murugi  discussing possible ways of ensuring the project of training youths in film goes on.

Apart from the official attire  the session turned out to be a social interaction between the guests and the film studets each one of them sharing their inspirational stories and more about their career lives as aspiring filmmakers.

Everyone was so excited and had a chance to watch the trailer and the making of Togetherness Supreme a feature film focusing on peace and reconcilliation.

They were so impressed with Hot Sun Foundation program despite it's location in the world's re-known slum Kibera.

Hot Sun Foundation staff,Kibera Film School trainers,assistant trainers,trainees and Visitors from The Belgium embassy in Kenya pausing for a group photo.

Josphat keya Hot sun Foundation program manager,Belgium ambassador to Kenya Bart Ouvry and the Belgium Counsellor to Kenya Pieter Leenknegt pause for a photo.

They also decided to talk a walk through Kibera Slum and enjoyed the beauty in it,according to them Kibera is so hospitable and busy like any other place.

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