November 28, 2011

Greetings from Vincent Oduor

My name is Vincent Oduor.  I am 20 years old. 
I've been on my own in Kibera since 15, when my mother died.  My dad had already died when I was ten.   When relatives came to take my younger brothers and sisters back to their village, I argued with them and refused to leave.  I thought I would have a better chance to go to school in Kibera than in the village. 
I had no family left in Kibera.  My neighbors helped me.  They believed in me and paid for my textbooks.  I worked to pay my school fees.  I did it.  I graduated from high school. 
I never had a childhood.  I always had to work.  I used to help my mom with the younger children.  I don't think about going out or fancy clothes.  I'm not like some other youth.  I value myself and my future. 
I love to write… stories… plays…   A friend told me about Kibera Film School.  I decided that through film I could reach more people with my stories.   At Hot Sun Foundation, everyone is guided by her or his vision.  We share the same vision - working as a team to be good filmmakers

My message to Global Giving supporters: 
You have really done a great job. Some of us didn't know we could do certain things in life, like enter big buildings downtown, get respect from upper classes,  have people appreciate our videos. 

Just keep giving us this opportunity.  We know we can be creative.  We can make it with your support.

I really do appreciate your joining us in the AMAZING RACE for KIBERA.
Many thanks.  Happy Holidays!

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

1 comment:

  1. It is really touching story of you Vincent. I support you and your campaign. Best of luck for the future.
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