November 4, 2011


 Kibera Film School advanced class with Jinna Mutune,Director of Leo,a story about a Maasai boy achieving his dream against all odds. She was excited with the students' concentration during the Question an Answer session.

Students attentive as Jinna explains how to approach and convince sponsors to have them invest in a project one is planning to work on.

It was a great experience and everyone was motivated having a great film like Leo by produced Kenyans.

Jinna listening to a question from one of the students on what inspired her write the story Leo and how long it took during the pre-production stage.

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  1. This is a very commendable effort by Jinna Mutune. Kenyans should give support to her and similar ventures in order to positively place ourselves on global radar. Congratulations Jinna and Martinez.


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