November 17, 2011


Swedish journalists with Kibera Film School students, assistant trainers and Trustee  Nathan Collet (with red turban),  pausing for group photo at Hot Sun Foundation compound.

Victor Ombogo a camera and editing instructor at Kibera Film School being interviewed one on one by Nanushka Yeaman a Swedish journalist.

Victor Oluoch trainer at Kibera Film School
being interviewed by Nanushka Yeaman.

At Hot Sun Foundation's reception watching some of the Kibera Film School's short films,news pieces by Kibera Tv and feature film teaser Togetherness Supreme.

'Great films and very creative,hey must watch!'

The journalists had a chance to walk through Kibera Slum accompanied by Kibera Film School trainees.

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  1. All pics are looking really good. I hope the journalists would be satisfied with their coverage Kibera school too.
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