October 17, 2013

Think Safety First.

Why is fire safety and first aid training important to filmmakers?

Fire fighting is one of the most essential services of an organized society.
  • Less fire safety, more risk, fire safety training , no risk
  • Fire safety on, accidents gone
  • Accident brings tears, fire safety brings cheers
  • Be alert avert fire
  • Practice an escape plan from every room in the house-everyone to stay low to the floor when escaping from fire and never to open doors that are hot 
  • Never overload circuits or extension cords.  shut off and unplug appliances that spark or emit an unusual smell, have them professionally repaired or replaced. 
Film sets are the most disaster prone environments. We had an opportunity to prepare our trainees and staff through fire safety  and first aid training.

 Fire instructor shows.. fire extinguishers have different applications

 The fire fighting pose

First aid tips

 Aida tries her hand as a fire fighter

The fire fighting team

Roy Okello
The life of a filmmaker and his/her equipment are the key to him/her achieving a great picture. Its prudent to train them in case of an emergency.

Anne Mwaniki
This would ensure that filmmakers have secure sets  and incase of anything they know how to take care of it. 

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