October 10, 2013

Nathan Abusho 'Kibera Film School' my second home.

On 25th March,  2013 which was on a Monday was my first day in Kibera film school, we started our day with orientation and Anne  took us through the whole building then we settled down. Anne and Josphat took us through the code of conduct where we enjoyed every part of it then later in the afternoon we signed the contract forms and this marked a new page in my life.
Nathan with fellow trainees WaKaggai and Charles 

The next day was 26th March where Joash, introduced us to the equipment where I learnt about various equipment like how to connect Mac minis, cameras, how to care for the equipment etc, this was the most practical lesson that I enjoyed every part of it.

Later we were  then taken through social networking session by Pamela where we were introduced on how social websites work how to be active in social networking websites. 

I came to understand 'what is a story?' now I can write unlike in the past, where I would scribble a few lines, thanks to our script writing teacher Florence.

Over the last six months the amazing, film training unrivaled in the country has not only opened my eyes but turned me from a novice to a filmmaker. I have learnt that:   

               . While shooting i have learnt always to slate my shorts.
               . Write compelling scripts.
               . Work as a team.
               . Passion without hard work is a pipe dream.

7th class trainees

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