October 29, 2013

Desperate Hours For A Script Student.


Every deserving screenplay eventually finds a buyer to option or purchase the material. There are no exceptions. Peter Kim

As a trainee writing a screenplay for the first time is a challenge. You don't know what to say where, where to bring a twist, climax or ending. As time goes by with consistent writing and reading you get to grasp how to write a compelling screenplay. After undergoing a rigorous scriptwriting class you get to know how to:-
  • Each story needs a hero, he or she must undergo an ordeal to seize his prize.
  • Every story is incomplete without a villain
  • all heroes always refuse the call to action at some point
  • Sum up your plot in 30 words or less when telling it to friend, critics or pitching
  • Make your first line of your story compelling otherwise you'll loose most readers
  • Give your character a mentor to help them through their problems
  • Every story has a turning point and your hero has to complete the task
  • Your story must have an underlying message some refer to them as themes
  • Most people enjoy a feel-good story, once in a while write one. 
Trainees in class writing their scripts

Script instructor Florence Anyango listens to a trainee plot

Dwayne Johnson-Cochran Hollywood screen writer, producer, director during script power workshop 

By the end of the day a hands-on training is the best way to learn how to write screenplays. Enroll at Kibera Film School.

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