October 24, 2013

Lighting Kit Gift From ARRI For Trainees At Kibera Film School.

By Joash Mageto

Light is light and does not change as we change formats and locations. Lighting is more than just lamps and hardware.  It is about controlling and shaping the light.  The behind-the-scenes production of any film, large/small, relies on the work and careful detail of several key crew members who help make the production possible. Among that crew is the "lighting crew." You definitely do not realize it when you watch a film, but each scene required several minutes (if not hours) of carefully placed lights to make the scene look great on film. 

A few weeks back a team from ARRI, Thomas Binsert, Harth Muth and Nyokabi Kahura, producer and managing director at African Visuals media ltd came to visit Kibera Film School. After touring the office and watching short films by trainees they promised to donate lights and they kept their promise. With this gift trainees at Kibera Film School will be able to make the scenes of their sets look realistic and help establish mood.

Hart Muth Glaser at the reception

Nyokabi Kahura producer and managing director African visuals media ltd

Thomas Binsert...Arri sales director Africa

Trainees with the light kit donated by ARRI

We thank you for these amazing gift.

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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