January 5, 2012

Bad Company to Good: Polycap Sara's Story

What was my turning point?  I have a lot to say.  I had a job as a mechanic and lost it.  I became idle, doing weird things, using drugs, staying in bad company.  My life was not sustaining me.
Then I was arrested for a cell phone theft. Jail is a new world. You have to survive on your own. No parents. No family. No support. I felt everyone was against me.  I didn't even want to take meals. 
My sister got me out of jail. She paid for the cost of the cell phone.  But still she thought I was a crook.  I promised her I would change.  I came to Kibera because it's a bit cheaper to live here. 
A friend brought me to the Slum Film Festival workshop at Hot Sun Foundation.  Filmmaking was good from the beginning.  I applied and got into Kibera Film School
For me it is different  at Hot Sun Foundation.  Here something is being done in the slums by people who take the work seriously.
What is my message to our supporters?
What I think about them is that they are kind-hearted, helping someone you don't know really takes a big heart.  They are giving us a chance to express ourselves. They are changing lives.
I really want to tell our supporters just keep on with a willing heart and for sure they will get a reward.
Wishing all our supporters a Happy New Year!
 Please keep up the good work by helping us at http://www.globalgiving.org/3632
Many thanks,


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