January 23, 2012

Nathan Collett Donates New Film Equipment to Kibera Film School.

Assistant trainers Grishon Onyango and Wycliffe Mboya with new film equipments donated by Nathan Collett wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oath_(2005_film), the founder of the film school.

Dan Enger, Nathan Collett wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oath_(2005_film) trustee, trainees and staff pose for a group photo.

Nathan Collett wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Oath_(2005_film, a trustee presents Wycliffe Mboya, an assistant trainer with a sony Alpha 300 SLR camera at the reception.

5 flip cameras, a sony Alpha 300 SLR camera, a sony lens 70-200mm, a cannon lens 75-300mm, 2 media card readers, a digital light meter and 3 lacies (rugged)

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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