May 16, 2013


                                      Caroline Goodall with Aida Achieng, Kibera Film School Coordinator

It was 11th May 2013 on a Saturday morning. Kibera Film School was a beehive of activities. From trainers, trainees, interns, coordinators and visitors no one dared to be left behind. The excitement in the air however did not surpass my imagination and dire need to see the much anticipated and talked about woman; Caroline Goodall, who was coming that morning.

Born in Britain to Australian parents, Caroline Goodall is internationally known as a leading actress who has starred in some of the biggest blockbusters of the last fifteen years, including Schindler's List (1993), Hook (1991), Cliffhanger (1993), Disclosure (1994), White Squall (1996) and The Princess Diaries (2001), The White queen-TV Series (2013), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (2005).
She is a graduate of Bristol University where she gained a Bachelor of Arts Hons. In Drama and English, and studied alongside other notable screenwriters such as Jeremy Brock (Mrs. Brown). As a writer, in addition to "The Bay of Silence" for Radiant Pictures, credits include screen adaptations of Rupert Thomson's "Dreams Of Leaving" for HKM Films.

Caroline brought us some of her films. The films were really amazing. From her work on acting she advised and said that filmmaking is not about moneymaking but passion is everything. That has been her driving force all along.

“Is that kissing real”? A classmate asked her after watching a scene where Caroline was kissing a man. “ Of course it’s real. As a professional actress everything you do is professional. It’s your job to make a movie appear real," she calmly and jokingly answered. Her seriousness and humor was coupled up by her great personality.  I think that the video of her visit would make a scene in a movie!

“Never ever walk away on set as an actor just because you disagree with a director. Make the director feel that you are not just an actor but also part of the production by telling him on how you feel you can deliver your lines,” she concluded as she offered to buy us lunch and promising to connect Hot Sun Foundation to the outside world after seeing the amazing work done by Kibera TV.

Caroline  was overjoyed and promised to come back again.

Thank you Caroline for a memorable visit.  
We will never forget you!

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