April 24, 2013

A vote of thanks to Hot Sun Foundation.

Words of Job Mureithi
What are you thinking right now!
I have been so occupied with work.
(From left right) Job with Max and ken, interns and Aida

It takes a lot to write to begin with internet connection.
Enough about me, i want to entirely dedicate the whole of this post to Hot Sun Foundation. So today is my last day of attachment in Hot Sun but that doesn’t mean i won’t be around if needed. For those who don’t know about Hot Sun Foundation i might drop a hit after another as i proceed. 

Thank you Hot Sun Foundation for giving me a chance to horn my skills in my field. It has been a priviledge and most of all a humbling two months experince of my life. I’ve met a lot of nice people during my stay and hope i was of help to the foundation. I loved the fact that i got to meet people who are in the industry with vast knowledge in montoring,scripting and social networking.

Hot-sun foundation socially transforms through media and art. It’s branched into Kibera Film School, Hot-sun productions and Kibera TV. It is a foundation that is giving a chance to young filmmakers to practice hand-on filmmaking in the heart of Kibera.
I know i have said alot of thanks but i again thank you so much for this opportunity. I meant alot to me. I can never be more than this grateful.

Job (in KiberaTV T-shirt) with staff and trainees.

To support the great youth of the Kibera Film School, please visit our Global Giving Page

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