June 6, 2014

"Something Special" - Workshop at Film Fupi Fest

Director Heinz Hermann’s much anticipated “Something Special: The Art of Short Films"  workshop at Film Fupi Fest on the 31st May at Creatives Garage was as stimulating as we expected.
Heinz, director of Interfilm in Berlin, came prepared to dazzle. He showed and discussed some very interesting short Films; from very Short Short Films (as short as 90 seconds!) to longer Short Films which lasted up to 20 minutes. He showed dramas, documentaries and incredible animations. The films shown varied from surprisingly simple but well executed ideas to rather complex storylines. All films Heinz showed had something very special. He presented moving stories, tear-jerking stories, as well as funny stories. All films were so well executed that they simply took our breath away.
Heinz discussed the concepts and techniques of making short films and the craft and art of good story telling.  Heinz‘s real strength is the way he lets a film speak for itself. In his witty, unassuming way, he gently prepares his audience and then allows them to watch the film and, in the end, to judge the result freely and individually.
This workshop was something special and ended too soon. Those who missed it are advised to look out for Heinz Hermann when he comes back to Nairobi. We hope to have the chance to host him again.
The day before the workshop, Heinz spent time with the Film Fupi Working Team. He gave valuable advice on what makes film festivals successful, based on his experiences with his own festival Interfilm Festival in Berlin. He pointed out that, in order to host a successful festival, it is important to build a solid database of filmmakers and people who attended the festival.  Furthermore,  a successful film festival requires a creative, passionate, and very hard working staff, a good location, great and interesting content, many exciting side programs, sponsorships and connections to the city.

by Pauline Njau, Programs Manager, Hot Sun Foundation 

Pauline Njau during the workshop

Heinz Hermann

Heinz Hermann

Trainees of Hot Sun Film School listen and learn

Visitors at the workshop

Visitors at the workshop

Trainees of Hot Sun Film School at the workshop


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