June 14, 2014

Shooting of "My world" short films

Filming in progress
The Hot Sun Foundation Film School trainees' filmings of their eight “My World” short films are over. Here's a rundown on what they've been through so far. 
The trainees started with a scriptwriting class, which was a challenge for everyone. They learned scripting format using celtx, storyboards, treatment, character bible, synopsis and logline.  After feedback from instructors, staff and fellow trainees, everyone had to rewrite their scripts several times. The final step was a script clinic, where Hot Sun Foundation staff worked individually with each trainee, giving them detailed feedback.  
Trainees started with still photographs and went on to video, learning about and practising with a professional camera for the first time. They began to understand that scriptwriting and pre-production take considerable time and lay the foundation for the actual filming of their "My World" -projects.    
Even with careful planning, production is always challenging. Most of the filming was done in Kibera, an urban slum in Nairobi, next to the film school. Weather conditions as well as audio interruptions due to airplanes overhead made for delays. Other challenges were the constant changes of location. On some days there was no time for meal breaks. 
Shooting of "Paparazzi"
Filming gave the trainees the opportunity of working together as a team. “The shooting of the "My World" -project went well thanks to the crew”, noted Mary. Each trainee got the chance to perform different functions, including camera person or director while working on the eight short films. “I got to know my capacity as a director. I felt how a set runs and feels like”, said Nick.
The production situation created pressure on the first-time crew members. “It was hard working on set because people are different and react different to situations and challenges”, said Nick. Mary observed the same, “Lots of misunderstandings can come up during a shooting."
All in all, the filming of their "My World" short films was an amazing first-time experience for the trainees. “My story achieved all that I visualized while writing the script. I got the opportunity to visit different people and places within Nairobi”, commented Oluoch.

Now the trainees are back to the class room and editing begins. After they’ve captured their results they will know if they’ve done a good job in the field.

Director for the day Nick Kinyuru gives instructions

Film crew is done with the shoot and happy

Denis Mwangi Mugwe with the slate

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