July 19, 2012

'Sinema Hot Sun' Goes To Goethe Institut.

"My experience as the 'raffle girl'/receptonist", Rebecca Musanga 

Saturday 14th July 2012, Wow! What a day that was..

We arrived at Goethe institute by exactly 2pm and started arranging the auditorium. With the entire team present. Each member had an task M.C., security, photography, videography, sound, receptionist and sales people.

I was assigned to be at the reception where I had to welcome the visitors and ensure they sign in and leave their contacts for future events to be organized.

Trainee Rebecca Musanga at reception table.
I got to interact with a number of people who had no idea of what Sinema Hot Sun was all about while others asked very funny questions that never related with the event.

Guests sign in for sinema hot sun showcase

"Raffle girl" i was in charge of giving raffle tickets for the first 40 people to arrive and only three out of the rest would be lucky to walk away with a DVD. 

Finally the M.C Josphat Keya called my name, I came running holding the raffle tickets together with the prizes. Everyone was waiting patiently to be announced as a winner but we only had lucky three. One person among the crowd was called to help me in picking the lucky raffle tickets and soon the new winners were announced.
Some people felt bad because they really wanted to have a copy of the DVDs  but who knows…everyone has his or her own lucky day.

At the end of the day i had fun and we took as many photos as possible to remember how fantastic the event was. I cant wait for the next Sinema Hot sun!!!!

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