July 20, 2012

Leading the Celebration at Sinema Hot Sun.

Joskey as the main MC?
I did not see this coming. I was to be the official social networking person, only to be reshuffled to this new position a day to the event. I did not think I’d make a good MC despite having been a speaker on several occasions.

Just note, being a speaker in any forum is very different from being an MC even in the same forum, an MC should lead the “celebration” read, celebration mood J

Joskey with fellow MCs Mike and Max.

How did I make it?
  •  ·         Arrived to the venue 2 hours early to prepare myself; TIP it always good to arrive early and see the room empty, it gives you courage when the crowd fills in, try it.
  •    Had been part of the organizing team, so I understood well the event; Avoid instances of being handed a prepared program and u are told to follow it, ask to be involved in the planning.
  •  ·      Good communication with my fellow MCs. We had different abilities, and so we utilized them well
  •       Prior preparation with the whole team; developing a culture of Preproduction
  • ·      Above all we worked as a team
  • ·      You have to be always thinking 2 steps ahead of your crowd!

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